Management schools: two preparatory students tell the writings of the competitions

After two years of work, Victor and Rayan, students of economic preparation, reach the goal. After the writings of the Ecricome competition, from 25 to 27 April, they will soon pass the ECB tests. Preparation, organization, reviews, state of mind: the two students of the CPGE give us their feelings and their advice to succeed in the post-preparation competitions for business schools.

A little superstition is always a must after a race whose outcome is unknown. When asked how the writings of Ecricome, a bank of evidence that brings together five management schools, Victor prefers not to come forward.

“Our teachers have told us that you cannot really evaluate yourself. You can feel like you have been successful, when you have failed or vice versa. I have a feeling there hasn’t been a disasterbut I am waiting for the results “, explains the student of the Carnot Lyceum, in Paris (75).

Two years of preparation before writing for the BCE and Ecricome competitions

With the ECB (common test bank), which brings together 19 business schools, the Ecricome competition is the culmination of the economic and commercial CPGE. Mathematics, economics, sociology, history, geography, geopolitics, literature and languages ​​… The exams can cover the two years of the course.

For Rayan, classes were over in March. The teachers then supervised for a month review “the whole program in an accelerated version“Then, each student organized their three-week review, with a specific schedule.

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Victor first reviewed on his own, every day, 8am to 8pm. “I was able to insist on my annoyance: math. I then worked with friends, during a week. I could see how they worked. And maintaining a social life allows you not to explode “, explains the candidate who is aiming for the top 5 or the top 10 schools.

A few days before the deadline, the two boys calmed down. “Especially the day before, don’t burn but think about something else, to forget a little about the pressure. In any case, we will not forget what we have been doing for two years “, says Rayan, student in ecological preparation, pathway ECT (economic and commercial technology option), at the Voltaire high school in Orléans (45).

Don’t get burned, this is the advice that comes back. “The exam center was far from my house and I asked a friend who lived next door to host me. He saved me the stress and I was able to sleep more,” says Victor.

The challenge ? Don’t ruin two years of effort. “When you are tired, you make stupid mistakes, like forgetting an -s in the 3rd person singular, in English. However, in a competition, any mistake can cause you to lose your chances of integrating into the school you are aiming for“, Rayan reasons.

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Rayan was surprised by these three days, however, because the subjects were less difficult than his predictions. “I don’t know the result, but I feel it was easier than what our teachers told us. In preparation, time management was a big deal, but I was able to answer all questions there“, observes Rayan. During the ordeal, the question of time is, in fact, central to success.

Stress management is a second key to this important moment. What reassured Rayan, who is aiming for one of the top 3 institutes, is to pass the tests in the high school where he spent his secondary education. “I was in small rooms, with friends I know. To think that 8,000 students in France are winning the competition is impressive. But seeing your friends fighting like us relieves the pressure.”

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The lunch break allows you to breathe a little, swapping with your friends to debrief the test, talk about the next one, but in a relaxed way.

It is also necessary save yourself every night. “At the end of the first day I did 45 minutes of sport, to relax. In the evening then I fell asleep immediately. I had planned to revise but I was tired and I was just reading my files!” Another “evening routine”, that of Victor, who reads copies where he had been well noticed. “Returns confidence”.

After Ecricome, it removes for a new sequence of revisions

After a few days of pause, the writings of the ECB open on Wednesday 4 May, to spread until Friday 13 May.

This time it will be used to relax and then hang up reviews. “For the ECB the geopolitical test includes maps, I will work on that a little”, explains Victor that he would have liked to chain the races. “This moment is a bit strange: you have to rest while you work,” he observes.

On May 14 Victor and Rayan will decompress a little. But very quickly, without waiting for the results that will fall on June 14, 15 and 16, the 20-year-olds it will be mobilized for the oral ones.

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