no winner after an exceptional match

No winner in this fight

At the end of an exceptional match, neither team will start with the three victory points. In the ranking, therefore, status quo. Manchester City remain league leaders with a small point clear of the Liverpool Reds.

The match point for Mahrez

Incredible! Riyad Mahrez tries a lob on Alisson but the ball misses the target. It was the meeting point for the Cityzens.

Four more minutes

There are four minutes left for both teams to score a winning goal in this clash of the 32nd day of the Premier League.

What a punishment from Mahrez!

Mahrez was very close to giving the victory to his team. The Algerian comes to light on a distant free-kick that closes his run on Alisson’s post.

Van Dijk receives a yellow card

Virgil Van Dijk commits an anti-play foul on Kevin De Bruyne who took over the Alisson cages.

Rodri’s center rejected

Nice intervention by Matip who, with the tip of his foot, rejects Rodri’s cross that had struggled to endanger Alisson’s cages.

Sadio Mané leaves

Immediately after the change from Manchester City, the German coach decides to respond to Guardiola by inserting Firmino in place of Sadio Mané.

Jack Grealish replaces Jesus

Pep Guardiola makes a new change with the entry of Jack Grealish in place of the second goalscorer of the Cityzens, Gabriel Jesus.

Big mistake by Fabinho

The Liverpool midfielder is guilty of a massive sole from his former AS Monaco team-mate Bernardo Silva. Anthony Taylor shows the yellow card.

What a work of Mahrez

On one of his first balls, Riyad Mahrez is already setting fire to the defense of the Reds. The Algerian controls a long pass before challenging Robertson to find de Bruyne unable to improve the ball.

Henderson relents

Jürgen Klopp makes a second change in this meeting. He eliminates his captain Jordan Henderson and is replaced by Naby Keïta. The band is now around Van Dijk’s arm.

Enter Mahrez

First change for Pep Guardiola and Manchester City. Riyad Mahrez replaces Raheem Sterling in the final fifteen minutes of play.

Jesus strikes in small nets

De Bruyne throws Jesus deep but the Brazilian striker favors the individual solution and shoots towards Alisson’s cages but his ball ends up in the small net outside the Brazilian’s cages.

Salah not far from finding the fault

Mohamed Salah is eccentric on the right side, he manages to transplant in axis before rolling but Laporte manages to get this ball out of the frame from his hip. Anthony Taylor did not see the defender’s deflection and signaled a six yarder.

Luis Diaz comes into play

Former FC Porto player Luis Diaz enters the field as a replacement for Liverpool first goal scorer Diogo Jota.

Van Dijk wins his duel

Kevin De Bruyne throws Sterling deep into a duel with the great Dutch Liverpool defender who wins this face-to-face quite easily.

Goal canceled for Sterling

On a superb ball from Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling manages to slip the ball between Alisson’s legs but the video cancels the goal of the former Liverpool Reds player.

Yellow card for Thiago

Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara receives a yellow card from Anthony Taylor after a poorly controlled tackle on Kevin De Bruyne.

Van Dijk saves his team

Virgil Van Dijk makes an exceptional defensive gesture while Alisson was beaten by Gabriel Jesus, author of a great individual number.

The time for the game is approaching

It’s almost time to play at the Etihad Stadium in this Premier League matchday 32 that keeps all its promises. For the moment the suspense is total.

Wonderful intervention from Ederson

Mohamed Salah gives a delight ball from the outside of the foot towards Jota who also chooses this surface of the foot to shoot but Ederson makes a nice save.

We start again on an excellent basis

After five minutes of contestation in this second act, the game resumed on an excellent basis. The meeting remains undecided and very interesting to follow.

Robertson’s cross is too long

After an offensive move by the Reds, Robertson found himself alone in the right lane and sent a too long cross for Salah.

Mané draws!

Incredible! After 46 seconds in the second period, Mohamed Salah throws Sadio Mané perfectly in depth who finishes perfectly in front of Ederson.

Here we go again

Second half starts at Etihad Stadium. Anthony Taylor just kicked off this second act. Manchester City lead 2-1 after the first 45 minutes of high quality.

End of the first period

Anthony Taylor whistles and puts an end to this magnificent first period. Manchester City bring two goals to one thanks to goals from De Bruyne and Jesus. Diogo Jota scored for the Reds.

Two minutes of recovery

There are two minutes of recovery in this first half of this match of the 32nd day of the Premier League.

Laporte’s post

On a free kick from Foden, Aymeric Laporte stands out and takes a flat foot but Alisson manages to deflect on his post. Eventually, Anthony Taylor’s assistant raises the flag for an offside position.

What a tackle from Laporte!

Jota had entered the penalty area but Aymeric Laporte made a superb slide tackle to prevent the Portuguese Liverpool forward from striking.

Sterling close to scoring

On an express counterattack initiated by Bernardo Silva, Phil Poden manages to hit Sterling who is embarrassed by Robertson’s defensive gesture.

Bernardo Silva receives a yellow card

Former Monegasque Bernardo Silva commits a foul on Robertson and is booked by Anthony Taylor. This is the second admonition of this match after Robertson’s.

Pep Guardiola warms the audience

Shortly after this Gabriel Jesus goal, Pep Guardiola asked the Etihad Stadium crowd to make even more noise.

Jesus returns the advantage to the citizens

2-1 for Manchester City. Joao Cancelo delivers real caviar to Gabriel Jesus who takes control of Trent Alexander-Arnold before tricking Alisson using the bar.

The Cancelo strike worries Alisson

Joao Cancelo is still attentive in depth and manages to put himself in a striking position. His attempt is deflected and ends up in the small goals of Alisson who had dived.

Nice defense from Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold makes a superb defensive tackle to keep Manchester City’s counterattack from going all the way.

Great opportunity for De Bruyne

Joao Cancelo is faster than Alexander-Arnold to overtake. The Portuguese then return to the center and find De Bruyne in the area who executes a sequence of control shots that passes next to Alisson’s cages.

Robertson is warned

Anthony Taylor releases the first card of the game. Andy Robertson is booked for a delayed intervention on Kevin De Bruyne.

Rodri’s head loses Stones

What an opportunity for Manchester City. On a free-kick subtly taken by Kevin De Bruyne, Rodri is alone and at the far post but his handover is a bit too long for John Stones.

Fear for Ederson

Heatstroke at Etihad Stadium! Ederson is a bit too calm to raise and frightened by Diogo Jota who came very close to counterattacking.

The retreating center in Foden does not find a buyer

Phil Foden had made a difference on left and center back, but Jesus and Sterling made the same call to the stands and failed to retrieve the ball.

Superb gesture by Thiago

What a defensive gesture by Thiago Alcantara. On a ball that slipped towards Sterling, the Englishman was about to strike but the former Bayern midfielder stepped in to save the Reds.

Van Dijk intervenes

Kyle Walker, thrown deep to his right, manages to cross but Virgil Van Dijk intervenes and concedes the corner.

Excellent return from Laporte

Andy Robertson throws deep into Mohamed Salah who seemed to have the advantage over Laporte but the Spanish international defender manages to put his foot to prevent the Egyptian from controlling.

Shot Jesus captured by Alisson

On a good move from Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus takes the opportunity to plate in the penalty area but Alisson is well placed and collects the ball.

Jota draws!

It went very well in this shock! Diogo Jota allows the Reds to equalize after a superb collective sequence of Klopp’s men. At the center of the pole farthest to Alexander-Arnold, the latter turns back to Jota who deceives Ederson.

The disagreement in defense of the Reds

Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson do not understand each other in front of Sterling who was almost able to use the situation to recover the ball and score.

A smoke temporarily interrupts the game

Play is paused for a few seconds after a smoke bomb is thrown onto the Etihad Stadium lawn.

Kevin De Bruyne already opens the scoring

He is the providential man of the moment and in this shock he is no exception to the rule. On a free-kick promptly played by Bernardo Silva, Kevin De Bruyne approaches the surface and takes the opportunity. His shot is deflected by Matip and ends up in Alisson’s cages.

Exceptional stop of Alisson

The duel between Sterling and Alisson is beautifully won by the Liverpool goalkeeper.

Both teams are pressing

From the beginning of the match, the two teams do not hesitate to press the opponent when the latter has the ball.

Let’s go to the Etihad Stadium

The kick-off of this match of the 32nd day of the Premier League is given. Match referee Anthony Taylor has just blown the whistle to start the hostilities.

A duel of coaches

This match will also be an opportunity for a confrontation in style between two great coaches of European football. Prior to this meeting, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola each won nine games in all competitions after their direct confrontations. On four occasions, the two men have separated by draw.

The best scorers in this comparison since 2003

Since 2003, Mohamed Salah has scored the most goals in this confrontation. With 8 goals in 13 games played, he precedes Sergio Aguero who scored 7 goals in 17 games played. Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino are also among the top scorers of this poster with 5 goals each.

The composition of Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp also settled his team in 4-3-3 with the defensive presence in attack of Diogo Jota preferred to Firmino. Here are the eleven starting Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson – Thiago, Fabinho, Henderson – Salah, Jota, Mané.

Manchester City squad

Pep Guardiola’s team will be lined up in a 4-3-3 with a trio of Foden-Jesus-Sterling forwards. Here is the composition of the Skyblues: Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Cancelo – De Bruyne (hat), Rodri, B. Silva – Foden, Jesus, Sterling.

Good morning everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow live the huge shock of this 32nd day of the Premier League between Manchester City and Liverpool. The Cityzens, leaders of the league, have only a small point of advantage over their opponents of the day. The winner of this bout could take a big step towards the title within days of the end of the season.

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