The 50 best logic riddles

Logical puzzles and riddles are sometimes used in classroom lessons to stimulate children’s thinking and deductive skills.

Logical puzzles and puzzles for the whole family

Children playing riddles Credit: JackF

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A logical riddle is a fun way to test your intelligence and intuition. You are given a riddle and you have to find a solution. Logic puzzles are really puzzle games, but they’re as fun as a good joke. Here are some fun puzzles to solve as a group at family reunions. You can organize a small challenge and reward the group that first finds the solution.

1 / A father and a son are both 36 years old. Knowing that the father is 30 years older than the son, how old is the son?

Answer: We subtract the age difference from their age total, then divide the result by two. Then, let’s add this number to the age difference to find out the father’s age. So the son is 3 years old and the father is 33 years old.

2 / Which number divided by itself gives its double?

Answer: 0.5. Any number other than 0 divided by itself is 1.

3 / What is half of 2 plus 2?

Answer: 3 because half of 2 = 1 … + 2 = 3

4 / In the NIKÉVOU family there are 5 children, half of whom are girls (i.e. 2.5 children). Why ?

Answer: Because their children are girls.

5 / It snowed yesterday. A boy looks at his neighbor’s garden and notices that there is twice as much snow there as in his garden. Why isn’t he surprised?

Answer: Your neighbor’s garden is twice the size of yours.

6 / How many drops of water can you put in an empty glass?

Answer: One only because after the glass it is no longer empty.

7 / Name three consecutive days without saying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Answer: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

8 / Kevin and Zack are in a bar. They do not know each other. Kevin talks to Zack: “I bet € 10,000 that I can write your exact weight on this piece of paper.” This Zack agrees. Eventually, Zack loses the bet and has to give the $ 10,000 to Kevin. Why ?

Answer: Kevin did exactly what he said. He wrote “your exact weight” on the paper.

9 / I am 4 times the age of my child. In 20 years he will be twice his age. How old are we?

Answer: I am 40 years old and my son 10, I am 4 times his age. In 20 years I will be 60 and he will be 30, so I will be twice his age.

10 / A well-known psychic claims to be able to answer any question with yes or no without ever making a mistake.
Yet one day she meets a man who will trap her.
What question will this man ask?

Answer: “The next word you are going to say is no”?
In case 1 she answers “yes”, she is lying.
In case 2 she answers “no”, she is lying too.

11 / I am the only one happy when my blood is taken away. Who I am ?

Answer: The word “consent”.

12 / Yesterday, it was December 31, he turned 18. This year he will turn 19 and next year he will turn 20.

Answer: Catherine was 17 the day before yesterday; she will turn 20 next year. How is it possible ?

13 / They are 2 brothers born on the same day of the same year, who have the same father and the same mother and yet they are not twins. Why ?

Answer: They are two brothers who are part of triplets, even quadruples.

14 / My husband and I often tell our new friends that each of us has 3 children and that we are four in total. How can this be possible?

Answer: My husband and I have had a child each before we got married and we had two together. The latter count for two to my husband and me.

15 / A missing man is found in a camp, there is no one in the camp and no footprints. The man has a bag on his back.
What’s in this bag?

Answer: There is a non-deployed parachute.

16 / An electric train travels from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​where does the train smoke go?

Answer: Electric trains do not emit smoke.

17 / What goes from top to bottom while always remaining in the same place?

Answer: The stairs

18 / Some months have 30 days, others 31. How many have 28 days?

Answer: All months have 28 days

19 / Let’s assume you have 4 dogs to feed: a Labrador, an Akita, a Pitbull and a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd eats more than the Labrador, the Pitbull eats more than the Labrador and less than the Akita, but the Akita eats more than the German Shepherd. Which of the 4 eats the least?

Answer: Labrador.

20 / In a row of four houses, the Duponts live near the Dujardins, but not near the Rivers. If the Rivers don’t live next to the Martinez … Who are the Martinez ‘direct neighbors?

Answer: The Duponts.

21 / A father and son travel by car and collide. The father is taken to one hospital and the son to another. When the baby arrives at the hospital, he is immediately taken to the operating room, but the doctor says: “I’m sorry, I can’t operate on him. He is my son. “” Why?

Answer: Because the doctor is his mother.

22 / Hit a ball, it goes 5 meters away, but it comes back directly to you without anyone sending it back to you. Why ?

Answer: Because you threw it up.

23 / Two old friends, Bob and Victor, meet in the park to chat. They both love iced tea and order one. When they leave, Bob, who has a sweet tooth, drank 3 iced teas while Victor only ordered one at the end. However, the next day Victor is sick and not Bob.
How to explain this paradox?

Answer: It was the water in the ice cubes that contained the poisonous substance. Bob, after quickly drinking his 3 cold teas, did not give the ice cubes time to melt.

24 / A bear walks 10 km to the south, 10 to the east and 10 to the north, after all this it returns to the place it started from. What color is the bear?

Answer: The bear is white, because it is a polar bear; the only place he would have arrived even if he had arrived this way.

25 / I start in the evening and finish in the morning, I come twice a year, who am I?

Answer: the letter “n”

26 / What goes from top to bottom while always remaining in the same place?

Answer: The stairs

More difficult logic puzzles

A young woman with many questions Credit: fotosipsak

Once well trained with the logical puzzles e puzzles to do with familyyou can level up with these following test questions.

1 / What makes the number 542.986.731 unique?

Answer: It has all the numbers in alphabetical order: five, four, two, nine, eight, six, seven, three and one.

2 / If you tell me the truth, I will kill you with my sword. If you lie to me, I’ll kill you with a spell. What do you have to say to save yourself?

Answer: You will kill me with your spell

3 / In a race you overtake the second just before the finish line. What’s your final position?

Answer: Second

4 / How many animals do you have at home knowing that all are cats apart from two, all are dogs apart from two and all are turtles apart from two.

Answer: You have a cat, a dog and a turtle

5 / How many animals did Moses carry in his ark?

Answer: None. The ark belonged to Noah.

6 / There is one in a minute, two in a moment and none in an hour. What is it about?

Answer: From the letter m

7 / What invention allows you to look through a wall?

Answer: The window

8 / Can a man marry his widow’s sister?

Answer: No, because he died.

9 / A plane crashes in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, everyone dies. Which hospital should survivors be taken to?

Answer: There are no survivors, they are all gone.

10 / What color are the sleeves of Diane’s red cardigan?

Answer: the vests do not have sleeves.

11 / One building has three floors. The higher the floor, the more occupants. On which floor will the lift stop most often?

Answer: The ground floor.

12 / Which letter completes the following series: UDTQCSSH?

Answer: No! One two Three, …

12 / Here is a sequence of letters:
JFMAMJJAS -? -? -? Which three are missing?

Answer: OND. These are the first letters of the months of the year.

13 / David and Victoria each have a certain number of apples. If David gives Victoria an apple, they will both have the same number of apples. If Victoria gives David an apple, she will have twice as many apples. How many apples do the two characters have?

Answer: David has 7 apples and Victoria has 5.

14 / I am always far away, and when someone approaches me I invariably come back.
Who I am ?

Answer: I am the horizon.

15 / A man washes the windows on the top floor of the Montparnasse tower.
He opens the window, jumps, but he doesn’t kill himself.
Why ?

Answer: Because he was washing the windows from the outside.

Puzzles of mathematical logic

A girl thinking with a book on mathematics Credit: inarik

Mathematics is there the pet irritates many children and also adults. To make the math more fun to do, here are some math puzzles to solve with the corresponding answers.

1 / A mother is 40 years old and her child is 10. How long will the mother’s age be three times that of her child?

Answer: 5 years old, when the child turns 15, his mother will be 45, three times the age of the child.

2 / There are 3 crates of the same size. In each there are two other smaller crates, and in each there are 4 even smaller crates. How many crates are there in total?

Answer: In total there are 24 boxes. The formula is: 3x2x4 = 24. There are 3 boxes with 2 boxes inside and in each of the two boxes there are 4 more

3 / How many quarters are six halves?

Answer: 6×2 = 12 quarters

4 / A man and a half eats a pig and a half in a minute and a half. How many men does it take to eat 60 pigs in thirty minutes?

Answer: If in one and a half minutes a man eats one pig, in three minutes he will eat two. In 30 minutes he will have eaten 20 pigs, so to eat 60 in half an hour it takes 3 men

5 / If 5 machines produce 5 items in 5 minutes. How long does it take 100 machines to make 100 items?

Answer: It will need 5 minutes, as each machine produces one item every 5 minutes.

6 / You drive a bus that gets 18 people on. At the next stop 5 people get off, but they get on 13. At the next stop 21 people get off and get on 4. How many people are on the bus?

Answer: There are 9 people left on the bus

7 / A child consumes 500 grams of bread every day. What would be the daily consumption in kilos of 126 people?

Answer: 63 kg per day. To find the result, multiply the total number of children, 126, by the 500 grams of bread consumed, which gives 63,000 grams of bread, or the equivalent of 63 kg.

8 / A farmer has 10 rabbits, 20 horses and 40 pigs. If we call pigs, horses. How many horses would there be?

Answer: You will still have 20 horses, because you have just changed the names of the pigs and not their essence.

9 / There are 6 people in a room, a man comes and kills 4. How many people are there?

Answer: There are still 7 people present: 4 dead, 2 alive and the murderer.

10 / A shepherd has 15 sheep and all but 9. die. How many sheep does he have?

Answer: You have 9 sheep left, which are the only ones that are not alive.

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