The declaration of love of Instagram users in Orléans

A lookout over the city. Instagram is a bit like that. An open window on Orléans, the Loire … It offers an unparalleled journey; a stay in the aesthetic universe of photography.

The publications therefore resonate, at times, as a hymn to love for Orléans; for her territory. So where are kisses sent from most often? The cathedral, the Place du Martroi and the Maison de la Postern form, according to the tourist office Orléans – Center Val de Loire, the trio of sites most present on Instagram, this network with 24 million users in France.


Another ranking, concerning only the most popular photos, places the Sainte-Croix cathedral on top in front of the olive presses and Combleux between the Loire and the canal.

The return of tourists to Orleans

“The banks of the Loire are unmissable. We see them in all their forms”, observes Léa. “For me, the most beautiful photo of the Loire, Maxime believes, is that of‘a sunset with the bridge of Europe in the background.’

Still on the banks of the Loire, another unique signature. “We regularly see the “O” of Orléans installed in Place de Loire on Instagram. It’s original “, Candice and Élise agree.

The most photographed monument.

The half-timbered houses

“With Instagram we look for the quality of the photo. This goes through the frame, the brightness … And having the Loire as a background, it works every time”, acknowledges Émilien. “So we post the photos hoping they’ll like them. I’m not doing it to promote the city but simply because I have a crush.”

Morgan lived his most beautiful favorites, in the historic center. “In the narrow streets, the architecture of the half-timbered houses is beautiful. And since there are also flower spaces there, they are perfect for Insta photos. “Chloé, undertakes to photograph” Place du Martroi “; Anaïs,” the cathedral from inside the Campo Santo “.

The postern.

70% are under the age of 34

The Orléans Instagram album does not even forget the Place du Petit-Puits, the garden of the Groslot hotel, the island of Charlemagne …

Definitely, The Orleans users of this network, 70% of whom are under the age of 34, they are the best tourist ambassadors of the city; the best guides from this viewpoint overlooking the city.

“Today we think of us!”: Our interview with the director of the tourist office of Orléans and the metropolis

“We cater to tourists from the Paris region”. They have become essential; an essential digital showcase for gaining visibility. Social networks are now part of the daily life of the Orléans – Val de Loire tourist office. Mainly Instagram (@orleansvaldeloiretourisme).
“We know that in 23% of cases the destination of travelers is influenced by photos on the networks”, specifies Benoît Clair, responsible for the development of e-tourism.

Julie Égal, assistant to the director of Orléans – Val de Loire Tourisme and Benoît Clair, responsible for the development of e-tourism.

Thus, two to three publications are published each week. “People spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on the networks. On weekdays we publish publications in the evenings while people are in transport; on weekends, rather at the end of the morning.”
What do you imagine? The choice responds to an editorial line. “We currently give priority to family, cycling and gastronomy,” explains Julie Égal, assistant director of Orléans – Val de Loire Tourisme. “We are targeting tourists from the Paris region,” adds Benoît Clair. We want to seduce them by highlighting the whole metropolis. ”Encourage them to discover Orléans for a weekend.

This also goes through the solicitation of influencers. Pauline (@worldelse) – 46,000 followers on Instagram, 27,000 on Facebook – will land in Orléans in May. “We choose what we want it to highlight, such as, for example, a night in a toue cabanée…”, reveals Julie Égal.

Today the tourist office account registers 85,000 views per month. The budget reserved for social media is swelling. The figures will remain confidential. Investments have become inevitable.

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