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A teacher from Chanh Hung College in Ho Chi Minh City leads an online French course. Photo: CVN

Hanoi (VNA) – In the context of the complicated evolution of COVID-19, the first collateral victims of the health crisis are women, many of whom simultaneously take on a multitude of roles such as financial support, housework and childcare.

Women put aside their personal responsibilities to join forces on the front line against the epidemic. They contribute to the fight not only against COVID-19, but also against gender inequality.

The epidemic is worsening and the number of infected people is increasing rapidly, leading to a shortage of frontline human resources. That is why the state constantly mobilizes all forces in all sectors to participate in health activities in order to relieve the overload of the public health system.

The pioneers are doctors, health workers who care for patients day and night or journalists who often travel to areas of concentrated isolation to provide readers, listeners and viewers with reliable information on the situation of the pandemic. Additionally, teachers play an important role in teaching students ways to better protect their health.

Enthusiasm for the mission

Globally, women make up 70% of frontline workers in the health and social care sectors, including nurses, cleaners and washerwomen. The pressure and the risk of contamination are still there, but these “soldiers in white coats” continue to be enthusiastic about their mission to save lives.

Nguyên Hoàng Trâm, assistant nurse at Ho Chi Minh City University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, says: “We must always wear protective suits all day and be available 24 hours a day to take care of patients. In the evening, we think. of our family and our children because we have been away from them for a long time ”.

Truong Yên Mai, a nurse at Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Hospital, said: “For us women, the biggest difficulty is the very unpleasant menstrual pain. We take sanitary pads, hang our hair in a bun, do regular testing at work. “.

The genius of resilient women in the fight against COVID-19 hinh anh 2A Ho Chi Minh City Television reporter dons protective clothing before conducting an interview in an isolation zone. Photo: CVN

Despite these physical and mental disadvantages, “these heroines” are still resistant to doing their best. Their actions show their capabilities, value and role in society and also their sacrifices during the pandemic.

The media is one of the essential sectors in this COVID-19 health emergency. Journalists go to the isolation areas dedicated to patients severely affected by the coronavirus to continue their important mission, to inform the population, whatever the risks, for themselves and their loved ones.

“In the fight against this pandemic, we are faced with the problem of an overabundance of information about the virus. Some are sometimes false and potentially dangerous. Hence, I find our missions to be invaluable, especially when we give accurate information on state policies to contribute. to the fight against the pandemic, “shared Hoài Vy, a reporter for Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV).

Overcoming difficulties

The Ministry of Education and Training asks for the collaboration of teaching staff on the anti-COVID-19 front, in particular of female teachers. They prepare meals for healthcare workers and patients in areas of concentrated isolation, support sampling work or provide care. The others continue to teach remotely and provide students with accurate information and guidance in protecting health against COVID-19. These actions contribute significantly to the fight against the health crisis.

Kim Ngân, teacher at Marie Curie High School, explains: “In the context in which the epidemic is worsening and continuing to spread, the teacher must change, renew himself to adapt to new situations. Distance learning allows us to take on many tasks: transmit knowledge, guide students in self-learning, encourage them … “

In yesterday’s struggles for national independence, men have always been the main force. But in the anti-COVID-19 war the fighters are not only men, but also women who are even activists on the front line. They continue to overcome difficulties and remain calm to fight the pandemic and gender inequalities. They perform both family duties and their responsibility as citizens to society excellently. All this helps to remove the inequality between women and men and to receive recognition from the whole community.

The values ​​they carry are valuable demonstrations of their abilities and their place in society, especially at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic. -CVN / VNA

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