these series celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2022

1992 was 30 years ago (yes, already)! The opportunity to take stock of all these legendary series released that year and which therefore celebrate their thirtieth anniversary in 2022. The feeling of the old man begins in 3, 2, 1 …

Elena and the boysthe most cult of the AB Productions series

© AB Productions

Let’s start with THE most cult series in AB Productions history: Elena and the boys. We are on 11 May 1992 when TF1 kicks off this sitcom, derived from First kisses (which was launched in December 1991). Very quickly, viewers fell in love with the adventures of Hélène, Nicolas and the entire gang. More than a successful series, Elena and the boys has become a real television saga, with three spin-offs: The miracle of love (1995-1996), Holidays of love (1996-2007) and The mysteries of love (Since 2011).

Melrose place

melrose place

© Fox

It was in the summer of 1992, and more precisely on July 8, that the American channel Fox broadcast the very first episode of Melrose place. This series, derived from Beverly Hills 90210, follows the daily life of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. Despite a launch in front of 16 million people, Melrose place sees her ratings decline week after week until the arrival of Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward. The series gradually changes tone until it becomes a pure soap opera and therefore a real social phenomenon is born.

Julie Lescaut

Giulia Lescaut

© TF1

It is one of the best known detective series in the French audiovisual panorama, Julie Lescaut, and celebrates her thirtieth birthday in 2022. It is January 9, 1992 when viewers meet this female police commissioner, played by Véronique Genest. Many of them were fond of her about her adventures as the fiction was a great success, several times surpassing 10 million viewers in the 1990s. Julie Lescaut lasts 22 seasons and retires in January 2014 on TF1.

crazy about youcult series from the 90s across the Atlantic

crazy about you


A bit like Seinfeld and other American sitcoms from the 90s, crazy about you it’s one of those series that was successful in the US but didn’t work in France. Title Crazy about you in its original version, the comedy follows the daily life of a newlywed New York couple: Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt). It was launched in September 1992 on the NBC channel and its storyline takes place in the same universe as Friends as we see the character of Ursula, Phoebe’s twin sister also played by Lisa Kudrow.

Honey and bees

honey and bees

© AB Productions

Production of AB Productions’ sitcoms intensified in the early 1990s, amid the success of Hello Muscles then First kisses And Elena and the boys. On 21 December 1992 France discovered Honey and bees, series worn by Mallaury Nataf. The success is there again, pushing her lead actress to the rank of stars on the small screen, and the series runs for no less than 200 episodes.


highlands series

© Rysher Entertainment

Inspired by the film of the same name released in 1986, the series mountaineer premiered in October 1992 and stars Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who must take up arms to fight evil. In total, it lasts 6 seasons and 119 episodes.

A wonderful family

A wonderful family

Decidedly, the year 1992 was full of emblematic French fiction. TF1 saw arriving on its antenna A wonderful family September 17 of that year. Starring Anny Duperey, Bernard Le Coq, Cécile Caillaud or Roméo Sarfati, the series tells the life of a mixed family, the Beaumont. On air until 2018, A wonderful family it has established itself as the flagship program of the first French channel.

Absolutely fabulousthe most cult British series of the 90s

absolutely fabulous

© BBC Two

Also in 1992, the British cult series was launched Absolutely fabulous. Telling the adventures of Edina and Patsy, two Londoners in their forties, this sitcom was a great success and marked an entire generation of viewers. So much so that it made its return in 2012 in the form of special episodes.

Les Cordiers, judge and policeman

the tail judge and the policeman

© TF1

We conclude this selection of series celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2022 with another pillar of French television: Les Cordiers, judge and policeman. The fiction puts the Cordier family at the center of the plot, made up of a father commissioner, a son of an investigating judge and a daughter of a criminal journalist. Les Cordiers, judge and policeman ran for 12 seasons, for a total of 61 episodes, until October 2005 on TF1.

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