Three surprising examples of how Ufolep Corrèze sees sport

A school of superheroes, championships that see mixed teams compete and play with departmental boundaries, training in life-saving gestures … Ufolep, the French Union of secular physical education works, promotes its atypical vision of sporting activity in gyms and on meadows since 1928. In Corrèze, even if the federation is not very visible, it brings together 1,750 practitioners and seventy associations adhere to it. Here are three examples that illustrate their difference.

1. A superhero factory

You probably don’t know, but every Saturday during school time, at the Raymond-Faucher stadium in Malemort, superheroes go to school. Divided into three age groups, from 3 to 12 years, girls and boys discover opposition sports such as wrestling, cooperative sports, outdoor sports such as archery and cycling. Ideal when children don’t know which activity to choose but parents want them to move.

“For 3-5 year old children, the main emphasis is on motor skills, on sociability”, underlines the departmental delegate Guillaume Delporte, who directs Ufolep Corrèze. Until the end of October, the superhero school opens its doors to those who wish to test its atypical functioning. The subscription costs 100 euros per year or 10 euros per month.

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More generally, seventy sports associations in Corrèze have chosen to take their license from Ufolep, rather than from the French federation of their discipline. Volleyball, cycling and bowls are the most represented disciplines. Ufolep deals with insurance, grant requests… “Before Covid, we had more than 2,000 licensees in Corrèze, explains Guillaume Delporte. We took the brunt of the epidemic and lost 60% of our workforce. There we returned to 1,750 and we hope, at the beginning of the school year, to recover our two thousand licensees from before the crisis. “

2. Flexible leagues adapted to the reality on the pitch

The sports clubs federated by Ufolep can practice the competition, but in a slightly different framework from that of the classic federations. Matches can be held during the week, teams are mixed, the workforce is less constrained, and even the rules of arbitration. “We operate in a less academic way, in a more flexible way”, sums up Guillaume Delporte.

“Each departmental committee manages its own league as it wants, explains Elliot Fouzanet. This allows you to create leagues adapted to territories. Thus, the Ufolep volleyball championship in Corrèze welcomes teams from the Dordogne. There was a time when it also hosted clubs from Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme.

Appointment. To see Ufolep Corrèze at work, all that remains is to go, on 18 June 2022, to Lake Causse. The federation participates in the afternoon organized by Tucss with, on the program, hiking, initiation into life-saving gestures and multisport activities for children.

3. A central dimension of the citizen

Sport also has a civic dimension for these activists: “Since 2012, at national level, Ufolep has trained 80,000 people in life-saving gestures”, underlines Guillaume Delporte. The entire Ufolep of France also met in Brive on the weekend of May 1st: the general assembly of the national federation brought together more than 300 people. For Brive, this means significant economic benefits, with hotel nights for all these militant athletes.

Ufolep, which intervenes during extracurricular time or in recreation centers (is his cousin Usep, the sports union for primary education that offers sports at school, ed) also proposes an activity called “knowing how to ride a bicycle”. The city of Tulle is the first in Corrèze to have seized this opportunity and, including extracurricular and recreational centers, about sixty children since the beginning of the school year, in September 2021, have improved their technique on two wheels, on the track of road safety of Chambon castle.

In addition to cycling, Ufolep promotes sports and the effects of confinement unfortunately prove it right. “The containment has allowed many to realize that being locked up in the home is a brake on the development and development of children, assures Elliot Fouzanet. The Covid effect is visible and measurable on children’s motor skills. Fortunately, it is catching up. But children need to practice. “

What are the specificities of sports halls in the Brive sector (Corrèze)?

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