TRIBUNAL DE CHALON – 23 years old, he deals with ketamine, it depends on it

The young woman enters in tears in the box of immediate apparitions, this Monday 2 May. She is judged to be in a state of legal relapse for ketamine use and trafficking. A chalonnaise story that unexpectedly begins in Le Creus

A police team from Le Creusot saw a car, on the afternoon of April 29, maneuver to park: one of the rear lights was not working. Check. Inside, two men. One carries ketamine *, the other methadone and “snuff straws,” the president says. They are then arrested and informed the police that they are buying ketamine in an apartment in Chalon-sur-Saône. One of them went there 4 times. The case then continues in Chalon, with a young woman who lives alone in a ZUP accommodation, who was in training paid up to 600 euros a month, and in whose purse she finds more than 500 euros in cash.

Between 3 and 5 grams of ketamine per day (!)

We do not find drugs because the young woman, warned of the arrest of one of her clients, asked a friend to hide the dust in her car. What the friend did. So we found 3 plastic boxes, containing in all about 80 grams of ketamine and a precision balance. If the accused is in a state of recidivism, it is because she was sentenced in the autumn of 21, in CRPC-déferement, for exactly the same facts. Visiting her prosecutor’s office calmed her down, but two months later she continued: “Before I was a trafficker, I was a consumer. It wasn’t easy to quit, and it was wrong, so stupidly I just found this solution. She takes 3 to 5 grams of medication per day. In four months she bought 450 grams and sold about half of it.

“I do a lot of free parties, drugs circulate a lot there”

Ketamine is rarely heard of in court, at least here. Where do you get it? “I have a lot of free parties, drugs circulate a lot. President Verger asks her when she touched narcotics in her youth. “I was 13. After my uncle died, I took cannabis. Then switch to ketamine, sampling various hard drugs here and there. He thinks he’s been addicted for 2 years. In October 2021 he has, among other things, an obligation to care, «but you’re starting over, so this sentence doesn’t make sense to you? The accused: “I veiled my face. I thought I could get out of it, but I realize it’s not just with an appointment every two months with a special education that I’ll get there, but getting help in other ways. “

Stand out to fulfill your legal obligation and seek an effective solution to wean yourself

A judge assessor returns to this: “When KAIRN offers you a meeting a month, then a meeting every two months, didn’t you tell yourself that you had to find another solution, another charge? – I was thinking about it. – And what were you up to? waiting? “I think I was covering my face.” Defendant also had a training or work obligation, fulfilled the contract, finalizing a full training last month, with job prospects. She ticked all the boxes of suspension of the try, but here she is, she spent the night in jail, in Dijon. She is crying. “It was really impressive to see the big doors, the barbed wire everywhere …” She says she is ready to undergo all penalties, but , please, not jail!

“Do not fall into judicial angelism”

“Don’t be fooled by Madame’s frail appearance and her tears.” Aline Saenz-Cobo, Deputy Prosecutor, asks very-very-very-strongly, speaks of a “tear-jerking game”, believes the defendant is slipping away. says ‘I want to take responsibility, but not prison’ … But there is no consideration when you take responsibility for your actions! During the CRPC-déferement we gave her a chance, as they say, and shortly after we find it in the Traffic. A little bit of traffic, it’s true, but it’s not just a victim of her own addiction. It ticks all the boxes, but there’s nothing behind it. If we went out every two months, it’s because she isn’t being honest. of evidence is false. “Addressing the court:” Don’t fall into judicial angelism. You need a bound framework. ” whole, then concludes: “Madame played, Madame lost. When you want to take your responsibilities, you really take them. “

“He takes on his responsibilities but needs help, Master Leplomb pleads. He needed more and regular care. She is not a trafficker destined to remain a trafficker. Her night in her prison marked her deeply. She has understood that she needs help, she has job prospects, she has been able to evolve. “

6 months of detention, continued detention

The court follows the requests. The young woman was sentenced to 4 months of imprisonment, with continued detention, and revoked 2 months of the 2021 truce, ordering her immediate imprisonment.
“The court took into consideration these new facts, committed immediately after the first sentence. This incarceration (for 6 months, ed) should allow you to wean this addiction, then you will resume your probationary period. “

The condemned woman cries, raises her voice a little: “I don’t know what I have to do, what I have to say in order not to go to prison. I could work in July! “. The president intervenes:” Madam, the decision is made. You have ten days to appeal, if you wish, but I ask you not to submit observations in the courtroom. The decision is made. The girl stands up, holds out her wrists to the escort They handcuff her.



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