who is the actress who embodies Dalida?

If Julie Chevallier looks more like Julia Roberts than the late singer, the 37-year-old actress has managed to appropriate, through hard work, the accent and gestures of the interpreter of child taking first steps.

For his return to television, Thierry Ardisson came up with the idea of ​​interviewing deceased celebrities in “Hôtel du temps”. With the help of technology, the animator was able to resurrect Dalida, 35 years old after her death. A feat made possible thanks to the “deepfake” but also thanks to the interpretation of Julie Chevallier. Although she is not her face appearing on screen, the 37-year-old actress was chosen to play Dalida due to her resemblance to the performer of Gigi the amorous. “Apparently Thierry thought I looked like him”, tell us. A peculiarity that she draws from her ancestor. “My grandmother was a fan of it and looked a lot like her. She had the same hair, she had the same hair color. Since she died two years ago, I thought it was a small sign, so I took some tests. I was told that it would be an interpreting job in which I would be Dalida, that it would be a program that would be dedicated to her, retracing her entire life “adds.

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For 1h40, in fact, Thierry Ardisson, himself twenty years younger thanks to the same technological process, retraces Dalida’s life by making him tell the salient moments of his career and some personal events. To take on this role, Julie Chevallier required extensive preparation. “I have seen many interviews but also his songs and his shows to work on his gestures, his verbal tics, his way of expressing himself with his hands, his smile, his laughter, his way of speaking”adds the actress.

If Mac Guff has faithfully recreated Dalida’s face to be affixed to Julie Chevallier’s and if Ircam reproduced the singer’s voice, the actress still had to adopt her accent so recognizable. “We can’t change the rolls of re intentions in post-production, so I had to adopt his sung and rolled sound. I practiced a lot trying at home “, he points out. What to bluff Orlando. In February, Dalida’s brother and producer spent a header on Meurice’s set specifically to reassure himself. “Up to now the imitators, because they pull the rs, think they are doing Dalida but that’s not true, most of the time they are ridiculous and it becomes a caricature”he complains.

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Discovering Julie Chevallier with a blonde wig that made her look a lot like Julia Roberts, Orlando was immediately fascinated. “She is very beautiful. She has exactly the same hands as Dalida, very long”, he observes. A detail that the actress has not omitted. “Hands are very important to him. For me too, I asked to have false nails to have the same hands as Dalida “assures him who was very accomplice of Thierry Ardisson. “I had an image of him as someone a bit sulphurous, come in, like everyone else! When I was chosen, he sent me a short message asking if he could call me. He called me and was super respectful, very kind. He turned to me, he explained the whole project to me, which was something he really cared about. I reassured him by telling him that I would invest myself deeply because I like to do things well. I hung up, looked at my boyfriend and said, “Oh but he’s super nice, super respectful.” I was very happy”she says.

Before finding herself in the shoes of the famous singer, Julie Chevallier held several small roles. Originally from Marseille, the young woman decided in 2008 to travel to Paris to join the Cours Florent. “But I didn’t like the school part at all, I didn’t understand the exercises, I wanted to be in the moment, so I stopped”he admits. Then connect the figurations Our dear neighbors And Family scenes and appears at the cinema in Cloclo And Sing tomorrow. “I often played almost only roles in which I was seen naked, topless, girls a bit stupid”he complains.

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In 2015 he got the first role of Your random hearta short film by Aude-Léa Rapin, which earned her the ADAMI Award for Best Actress, at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival. “I couldn’t believe it because at the same time I was doing events. When I heard about my selection, I was on the set of “Téléshopping” doing some demos (laughs). For me it was nice because I was looking for a bit of legitimacy, I who hadn’t taken a course, so it comforted me a little, it gave me confidence “continues Julie Chevallier. But most of all she allowed him to land a role in The mysteries of love . Since 2016 she has played Béatrice, the girlfriend of José (Philippe Vasseur) and Cathy (Cathy Andrieu). In a few months she will be on the listOverdose by Olivier Marchal, along with Sofia Essaïdi and Assaad Bouab and out on Amazon Prime Video.

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