AFAD, great guest at the Congress of Midwives of Togo

Dovi Mawuli TOMETY, Coordinator of the AFAD program with the President of ASSAFETO, Héloïse Adandogou d’Almeida

The Alliance Fraternelle Aide pour le Développement (AFAD) is an important guest at the Congress of the Association of Midwives of Togo (ASSAFETO). The meeting that took place from 28 to 30 April 2022 is a platform offered to the NGO AFAD to present on its stand, the opportunity for a respectful humanized birth and the different birthing positions with less pain.

AFAD at our Congress is very important simply because science evolves and we have to evolve with it. Conventional medicine has taught how to take care of women who come to give birth. The analysis of everything that is recorded as a result has highlighted the importance of changing the paradigm and humanized childbirth is one of those actions that we welcome with great importance that childbirth must be a happy event for couples going through this process. AFAD is the NGO leading this practice in our country and they have collaborated with us and found what they are doing useful. The congress must bring together midwives from all over the territory, it is an opportunity for us to let them discover what is there and is already being done outside stated the president of ASSAFETO, Ms Héloïse Adandogou d’Almeida.

AFAD’s participation in this congress comes at the right time, especially as we are promoting humanized childbirth. The approach talks about accompanying women from prenatal consultations by husbands, which reduces labor time and stress as the woman has already learned the material and understands that she can use different birthing positions. “, Explained the president of AFAD, Adjo Djifa KLU.

Presentation of the ball by the president of AFAD, Adjo Djifa KLU (left)

The NGO AFAD has a booth on the ASSAFETO Congress site where materials are displayed that allow pregnant women to vary the position of childbirth. Demonstrations were made, supporting images were shown to illustrate the gestures.

For the AFAD president, the hope is that the midwives will take responsibility for the agreement and actually put it into action.

It is a great pleasure for us to respond to this invitation. In relation to our humanized childbirth activities, the preferred partners as service providers are midwives. It is a new concept, a new practice and we had to attend this congress to convey the message and experience we have in this approach and show its effectiveness during childbirth. The main advantages we have from this new approach are, among other things, the reduction of working time and, by extension, the pain, the reduction of drugs during childbirth ”.specified the coordinator of the AFAD programs, Mawuli Dovi TOMETY.

A midwife from Benin trying one of the sitting positions

“The answers given to the relevant questions we are asked all lead to reflection and a positive transformation at the level of practice. Midwives came from Benin to attend this Congress who have heard about the respectful approach to humanized childbirth and want to hear from us. All midwives participating in this Congress are invited to practice the approach to their return to the place, to this end, a donation of Ball Gym, training manual and posters of the different positions to more than 70 first midwives who have visited our booth and followed the demonstration. For me, my goal set for this Congress has been achieved and I am already pleased with the high level of acceptability of the approach “the Coordinator of the AFAD Programs, Mawuli Dovi TOMETY, exulted.

The ASSAFETO Congress, it must be specified, was held on the central theme: “Maternal and neonatal health, current challenges”.

Satne of AFAD at the ASSAFETO Congress

The approach to humanized childbirth is initiated by the Togolese Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Access to Care in collaboration with the NGO AFAD and its partner IAMANEH Switzerland.


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