Axel and Caroline divorce, viewers hallucinate …

A first divorce in the sixth season of Married At First Regard. Against all odds, it was Axel who ended his marriage to Caroline. And the reaction of the upset mountain rebel …

The ax fell. A first couple divorced in this sixth season of Married at first sight. is Caroline and Axel, the two climbers, 80% compatible according to experts, for whom it was difficult to create complicity. So it was Axel who took the lead and decided to do it sever the relationship, having worked hard to keep their marriage afloat. “With hindsight I have on experience, I see our compatibility (…) I think we can be very close but I think it’s a friendly complicity. I thought I had a crush on you, but know each other I realized it wasn’t going to turn into lovehe told Caroline, in footage from the show that aired on May 2 M6.

Axel and Caroline divorce: because she “said enough”

While Axel had planned to introduce his dogs to Caroline, an important step for him, he eventually changed his mind: I decided we weren’t going to see dogs together. For us it is the best solution “. And the young woman to answer: “Would you like to be my friend then?“.

Disappointed to leave single and alone, Axel is still happy to have tried the adventure. “I said enough because I feel like I’ve done what I had to do. I was expecting crumbs from him that I would not get. He remained on a physical criterion that he could not pass“, He complained in front of the camera.

Caroline, abandoned, blames “male ego”: Internet users in shock

Faced with these words, Caroline I felt quite relieved. “I was afraid of hurting him by telling him, but in the end it was he who did it. I think that it was the male ego that wanted to handle the situation“, He assured in the voiceover on the show.

And to add: “I think he really believed it and liked it, so he tried and it’s his credit. Eventually, he saw that there was a wall, so he went back down. This is what I call giving up‘”. If the mountaineer was strongly criticized by Internet users throughout the adventure, this new the footage angered viewers further.

I dream where Caroline is upset because he was the one who dumped her first?“,” VS‘it is not the male ego which prompted him to take the lead. This is your unbearable behaviorCarolina! “,”Caroline, who shouldn’t have dropped it, find a way to turn it against him saying it was the male ego talking “Caroline drooling on male ego when she can’t tell him what she thinks of him since marriage“, We read in the comments of shocked Internet users, on Twitter.

Caroline’s wedding: “worst time of her life”, “hidden camera” …

From the start, Caroline showed a real lack of enthusiasm for this science-created alliance. His town hall wedding with Axel remains today at testing the memory. “Really one of the worst times of my life. It’s horrible to say it but it’s true. I’m really confused between “I want to share my disappointment” and at the same time I can’t hurt him like that“, He confided to Telesvago.

The young woman had not been thrilled by her suitor’s physique. Not really my style (…) It’s true that I don’t have a crush on the body. I like very tall men. He’s small so it’s true that his size blocks me a bit“, he confided in the show.

Another detail had troubled Caroline …. the blue dress that Axel wore at the town hall! “During the shooting of my portrait, I was asked the color of the dress that I would not like to see on the groom, I answered the blue of the flag of France … It is not against Axel but I really believed in marriage that they were kidding me, that it was a hidden camera!“, He confided to Telesvago.

Caroline, angry at the production: “They fucked my face”

If Caroline had assured that the assembly of the show’s production was pretty true to reality during the first few episodes, she was outraged by the April 25 release. “They kicked my ass. I take back everything I said about production. To make me look crazy they have come to the point of reversing the days“, She complained on Instagram on April 27.

And to add: “The worst part of it all is that the only person who had warned me and who saw their game well was Axel. I didn’t believe him. I thought he saw evil everywhere, etc. I got screwed“.

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