Basketball Playoffs: Sinnamary in Girls and ASC Tours in Boys choose a title option

Yesterday (Monday 2 May) the 2nd evening of the play-off final was played. Among girls, Sinnamary dominated her subject among men, one had to have a strong heart in hand between ASC Tours and Sinnamary.

In Girls: Sinnamary for a walk

ASL Sport Guyanese – Sinnamary 21 – 64
From the start of the match, Sinnamary took the match alone and at the end of the first quarter, bringing more 6 or 6-12 on the scoreboard. Throughout the game, Sinnamary continued to increase by adding, at the end of the 2nd quarter, Ventura S.’s teammates made the hole: 12 – 29 is the break.

Mass seems to be said for the sport of Guyana.
In the third quarter the scheme remains the same Sinnamary in continuous success with Clet distilling balloons to the millimeter at the gong. 17 – 42. Someone has already seen the score in the 4th quarter, Le Sport was grabbed by the throat and Sinnamary opened, it was logical that Sinnamary finished ahead in the 4th quarter: 21 – 64.
2-0 for Sinnamary. For the 3rd round (Wednesday 4th May in the evening) Guyanese Sport will be able to create a surprise, the mountain will be difficult to climb but who knows… basketball is played on the ground.

Between men: suspense until the end!

ASC Tours – Sinnamary 77 – 73

Handicapped by a defeat in the early evening, Sinnamary had to raise his head and question this ASC Tours line-up. Things started at a very high pace, the ball went from one field to another but at the end of the first quarter it was the Tours who took the lead: 22 – 19. In the 2nd quarter Sinnamary took orders with a very comfortable Yann Frédéric to 3 points and allows his team to return and take the lead at the end of the 2nd quarter: 35 – 42.

The other two quarters to come promise to be explosive!

We start again for the 3rd quarter, the hand-to-hand continues but Sinnamary maintains an advantage of more than 5. (54 – 59). The tension rises, the referees try to calm everyone to calm the atmosphere.

A final quarter where everything will be played!

We go for the 4th quarter, ASC Tours draw 61 – 61, the fatigue begins to be felt and the clarity is out of gas on Sinnamary’s side, but tries to keep pace. But it is finally ASC Tours to break away to prevail with the score of 77 to 73. See you on Wednesday for the third match.

Sinnamary’s men no longer have room for error –

The reactions:

Ashley Simon coach of Sinnamary

You have the game the main game and then at the end of the game you let go?
Game in hand yes and no, you know until the referee has signaled the end of the game everything is possible. You have to be aggressive to the end, which we couldn’t do. Tours played well, congratulations to them. But we’ll be there on Wednesday, it’s not over.

Richard Auguste, assistant coach of ASC Tours

It goes beyond the thread but was it complicated?
In fact it was not easy, in the first match we gave Sinnamary 30 points which necessarily in this 2nd would have come to overturn the situation. We were solid at times, we didn’t understand the referees’ whistles. At half-time we were late, we brought the clock back to the locker room and it paid off.
Now we will try to finish the job on Wednesday to project ourselves onto something else behind. This is also the Tour.

Hand: Let’s go to the semi-finals of the GR2C / Amazon ‘Immo playoffs

Come on, tonight at the Hall Kévin Séraphin!

RHK – US Matoury as girls and USLM HB – US Matoury as beginners for a crazy night!
The semi-finals of the GR2C / Amazon ‘Immo play-offs kick off this evening at the Hall Kévin Séraphin, for some the 2nd phase of the championship is taking off.


The girls menu:

This Tuesday, 03 May 2022
RHK – US Matoury at 7:30 pm

Wednesday 04 May 2022
Geldar – Macouria’s ARA

The men’s menu
Tuesday 03 May 2022
USLM HB – US Matoury at 9.30pm

Wednesday 04 May 2022
Geldar – AJSE

Foot – La Régional 1: 11th matchday in group A and update in group B

If Geldar were held in check in Saint-Georges, the Etoile de Matoury on Friday night had rocked the CSCC. ASC Karib makes a great operation by beating ASCO. Gran Santi atomized Loyola.

Etoile de Matoury rocked the CSCC –

The results :
Group A:
CSCC – AS Etoile de Matoury 0 – 2
ASU Gran Santi – Loyola OC 8 – 1
ASC Rémire – Olympique de Cayenne 1 – 1
ASC Karib – ASCO 2 – 0


1 ASC Karib 29 pt
2 AS E. Matoury 28 pt
3 ASC Remire 27 pt

4 Olympic Cayenne 20 pt
5 CSC 19 pt
6 ASU Gran Santi 19 pt
7 ASCO 19 pt
8 USC Montsinery 16 pt
9 Loyola OC 12 pt

Group B: Update!
Sinnamaria of the United States – EF Iracoubo counting for the 6th day 1 – 0
ASC Agouado – US Matoury a Moutendé counting for the 7th day (Reserve)
FC Oyapock – ASC le Geldar de Kourou scores for the tenth matchday 2 – 2


1 ASC Geldar Kourou 30 pt
2 Matoury USA 29 pt
3 US Sinnamary 19 pt

4 ASC Agouado 19 pt
5 FC Oyapock 18 points
6 SC Kouroucien 15 pt
7 AJ ST Georges 15 pt
8 EF Iracoubo 10 pt

Foot: the regional 2

Kourou FC takes the place of leader!
It was the calendar update, counting for the 6th day at Poule Est Littoral. Kourou FC remained a master at home and won at Bois Chaudat.

Saturday 30 April 2022
Kourou FC – AS Etoile de Matoury 2 5 – 1
ASCS Cogneau – US Saint-Elie postponed


1 Kourou FC 22 points
2 AJ Balata Abriba 19 pt
3 Soula Dynamo 19 pt

4 AS E. Matoury 2 15 pt
5 ASCS Cogneau 12 pt
6 USA Macouria 8 pt
7 US Saint-Elie 1 pt

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