Dizziness of love on the Run She and He – quimper – running

Legend: Linked from the beginning to the end … of the race, different opinions of duets, at the finish line of the Lei e Lui event, in Quimper, this Sunday afternoon, following the example of the Dream Team from Courir to Coray. Photo copyright: DR

An old foot racing expert warned me: “Your question should be placed at the bottom of the pack. This is where we talk.” But honor where honor is due (or honor where honor is due, I have to be careful), I first turned to Sébastien and Garance, the winning couple.

What could these two have exchanged during the race? Nothing at all? “Little technical tips”, influenced Sebastiano. But still? “I told him to hide from the wind, to save himself as much as possible to relaunch better at the end”. Garance nodded. “More than words, we exchange smiles, looks.” Hum, hum … Technical council, the son of Moses (I’m talking about the president of Quimper Athlé) has suffered a deluge. It also ended up on the kneecaps. Because the friend who accompanied him on the adventure (you will recognize) is the kind of guy who likes to talk nonstop. “I told him to grind on the climbs, to narrow the pace, to pay attention to his posture …”

The debriefing promised to be lasting. I let the two young friends explain themselves and head to the Courir à Coray dream team. Here, I can tell you that it is the girls who lead the way (Catherine and Alexandra in this case because I only knew the two boys by sight.) “Me, my role was to point out the dangers for Catherine”, Patrick advanced (Catherine’s duo) the most serious in the world. Well yes, the sidewalks, the street signs, it’s difficult, the city. “During this time, Catherine, just like Alexandra, had only one idea in mind. “We have to hook young people!” It means that the inexperienced riders started at maximum speed.

As the group of arrivals unfolded, I gathered more startling confidences. Imagine that during the race it happens that we make statements, so that we exchange sweet words. I think of Jérémy and Camille, a tender couple from Pontivy. “I remind him of the good times we share in life”Jeremy cooed. Camillo confirms. “Yes, yes, that’s true. But sometimes I just wanted to tell him to shut up, shut up.” Oh good ? Jean-Michel is still the co-president of DRAC (well-known rugby club of Douarnenez) who plays his beloved Audrey a soft version of the “I love you, neither do I.” by Gainsbourg. She : “He used to say tender words to me, go ahead my dear.” He : “Me, I took her by the arm to carry her (I think she said to attract her, it’s delicate, Jean-Michel) to the finish.”

The harmony of the couple during the effort is still based on the intimate knowledge of his partner. “I know her well. I know when to say certain things and not others. I like to gradually align Isabelle to my pace …” A true declaration of love from Hervé to Isabelle, tender representatives of the Douarnenists Soles. And that all the rascals of the macadam take heed of Hervé’s little advice. “You have to be positive. Above all, never say: go faster!”

During the race I met Malika again (always the Douarneniste soles) who, instead of listening to Fabrice’s advice, took the opportunity to go shopping. “I didn’t know there were so many shops in Quimper“. I also met some funny zebras, real zebras, I mean a duo (Louise and Pierre) disguised as zebras. These two (like the couple disguised as inmates but those, I think they are still running at this hour) wanted to impress the gallery but chatting when you wear a zebra skin below 25 degrees, that’s another story. “After 50 meters, we realized our mistake, but at least we caught the eyes of the children.” It is always like this!

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