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On Friday 29 April, the Minister of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs, Illiassou Idi Maïnassara, visited the reference hospitals in Niamey. So he subsequently went to the National Hospital of Niamey, the National Hospital Amirou Boubacar Diallo in Lamordé and the Poudrière Hospital. Through these visits, it is a question of investigating the conditions of care for the sick, encouraging health workers and above all guaranteeing the effectiveness of free assistance to children suffering from malaria and the availability of therapeutic products. The minister was accompanied by the leaders of his ministerial department, including the coordinator of the national malaria control program (PNLP), Ms. Djermakoye Hadiza Jackou.

During these visits, the ministerial delegation targeted pediatric services, in particular the hospitalization, stabilization or resuscitation rooms to ascertain the conditions for the care of sick children. Thus the ministerial delegation was able to observe the commitment of health professionals in terms of patient care. However, at the level of the Niamey National Hospital, a gap related to the breakdown of products was found. This is what sometimes explains why some guardians (parents) claim to buy malaria care products for their children. However, according to the health minister, the state has large stocks in stores. This is why Mr. Illiassou Idi Maïnassara has instructed the officials of this establishment to correct this violation. The delegation highlighted that the national hospital is the only structure that has not expressed needs for some time among the five centers of reference in the capital.

At the end of this visit, the Minister of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs explained that these are regular actions that he carries out from time to time to observe the functioning of the assistance services. “This morning we went to the various hospitals to see what is happening in the pediatric wards as we have had feedback, in particular complaints regarding the management of malaria cases, according to which assistance is not free. However, we have a significant availability of antimalarials, “he said.

Compared to the ordinances that health workers set for severe malaria cases at Niamey National Hospital, the Minister of Public Health said steps are being taken to make corrections as soon as possible. “This situation will be resolved as soon as possible as the state is committed to providing free assistance to children aged 0 to 5, especially with regard to malaria, which means that we have a high rate of infant morbidity and mortality. The state has also committed, with the support of its partners, to make available products to combat this disease. Therefore, it is no longer acceptable to continue prescribing at the level of pediatric services where the majority of hospitalized patients are poor ”, assured the Minister of Health.

At the level of other hospitals, Minister Idi Illiassou Maïnassara said he was satisfied with the availability of care on the one hand and that the agents correctly compile the AHSD software which allows to report consumption data to make an exact estimate. need. However, he also says he observed at the Poudrière regional hospital that the center has extended this free service beyond children. The Minister of Health also invited the various officials of the Regional Directorates of Public Health to monitor the effectiveness of free treatments for children aged 0 to 5 with malaria and also the availability of products at the level of the various CSIs.

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