New information never before revealed about As the Days Go by season 4

The acclaimed revival, based on the 1970s and 1980s sitcom about a single mother and her two children, is starting a new life on CBS after it aired on Netflix and the PopTV cable network (which also garnered plays from Schitt’s Creek).

Star Justina Machado is also having a big time, as she is currently appearing on ABC’s rival channel Dancing with the Stars, breaking the boundaries of Latin representation left and right channel after channel.

If you are not tempted to watch yet As the days go by, our season 4 guide will convince you. Includes unique information from the showrunner.

What is the fourth season of As the Days about?

The series is an update of the popular sitcom by Norman Lear, which in this iteration focuses on a Cuban-American family, with a single mother, Penelope, her two teenage daughters, and her mother. Also present is Schneider, friend and owner. Penelope is a veteran of the Army Nursing Corps suffering from sadness and anxiety.

The series has received praise for its handling of the subject, as well as other relevant issues such as Penelope’s child declaring herself a lesbian, the PTSD and her ex’s addiction, her mother not being a legal citizen, the intolerance that the family faces and Schneider’s alcoholism.

But there are also many funny and touching moments. “I love this series because I think it’s a traditional family sitcom – fun, high stakes, interesting characters and great conversations,” says Gloria Calderón Kellett, executive producer and co-director of the program, on

“I really hope that viewers come together and see someone they know reflected in one of our characters.” About this, As the days go by it will be the only show scheduledautumn 2020 television channels to introduce a Latin American family.

“There is not'[autre] Latin American family on television, “Machado observed on October 2 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” It’s the only one available on network television. “After all, it’s 2020 and it’s time for a change. Representation is important.”

Who is part of the cast of As the days go by Season 4?

As Penelope Alvarez, Machado leads the cast. Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex are her two children (Marcel Ruiz).

Lydia, her mother, is played by EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) Broadway and Hollywood star Rita Moreno, who is still gorgeous at the age of 88.

Dr. Berkowitz, Penelope’s boss, and their friend Schneider (Todd Grinnell) round out the hard core of the cast (Stephen Tobolowsky).

On Season 4 days: the date scheduled for the first time

The season 4 begins with consecutive half-hour episodes on Mondays 12 October 2022at 9pm ET / PT.

What can we expect from season 4 of As the Days Go by?

The season 4 of How the Days Go By included 13 episodes of 30 minutes, as in previous seasons. However, only seven episodes aired before the show was suddenly canceled again. “Checking Boxes”, the new season opener, aired on CBS on Monday 12 October.

On social networks, a preview of the premiere of season 4 contained a crafty point against Netflix, which canceled the program after three seasons. Penelope experiences a strange relationship in season 4, as Lydia goes through a religious crisis.

As Elena prepares to enter college and Alex begins dating, the bond between Schneider and Avery will strengthen.

What happened at the end of As the days goes by season 3?

The season 3 it also ended with the conclusion of some plots. Schneider relapsed after a long period of sobriety, but by the end of season three he was sober again. Alex was arrested for using marijuana, but spent the rest of the season making amends.

Penelope’s ex-husband, the Victor, who reacted horribly to his daughter’s coming out, made things better (or at least improved) by remarrying.

Penelope realized she didn’t need a man in her life and went on to pursue her career as a registered nurse. Lydia was able to return to Cuba to disperse the ashes of her late husband after fleeing the country decades before her.

Where can I watch As the Days Pass?

The last episode of As the days go by is still available on Pop-TV, which first aired in season 4 in March. If you have a cable TV subscription in the United States, all you need to do is connect with your TV provider.

You need to enter your cable TV login information (an email address or username and password). Pop TV can also be accessed without a cable subscription through the following streaming services: FuboTV ($ 64.99 / month), Hulu with Live TV ($ 54.99 / month), and YouTube TV ($ 64.99 / month) month). $ / month).

The season 4 of How the Days Go By it should also be broadcast on Netflix. The seasons 1 to 3 are currently available on Netflix as part of its US collection. Subscriptions netflix starting at $ 8.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial.

Will there be a Season 5 of How the Days Go By?

If the number of viewers is sufficient, the series could be renewed for a new season, although filming cannot begin before 2021.

All I know is that if a large number of people watch the show, the authorities will say: “I think we should do more,” adds Calderón Kellett. “So please look and tell your friends. And organize observation parties and go out with the Alvarez family! “



As the days go by is the sitcom that refuses to give up, thanks to the enthusiasm of the fans and the exceptional cast that supports them.

The series, based on the 1970s and 1980s sitcom about a single mother and her two children, returned to CBS after airing on Netflix and the PopTV cable channel (which previously featured Schitt’s Creek).

The series is an adaptation of Norman Lear’s classic sitcom, which centers on a Cuban-American family, including a single mother, Penelope, her two teenage daughters and her mother.

The season 4 kicks off on Monday with two half-hour episodes 12 October 2022at 9pm ET / PT.

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