news (not reassuring) of his state of health

Fractures, lung perforation and suffering by Marion Rousse. After a terrible crash on Sunday 24 April on the Liège-Bastogne-Liège road, cycling world champion Julian Alaphilippe was hospitalized and suffered severe trauma. His participation in the next Tour de France seems increasingly compromised.

Within the Quick-Step team, pessimism about the participation of the double world champion is growing day by day Giuliano Alaphilippe after Tour of France. The 29-year-old Frenchman has returned home and recovers from the serious injuries sustained caused during his violent fall during Liege-Bastogne-Liege on April 24: a fractured shoulder blade, three broken ribs and a pneumothorax.

The fracture itself causes no problemsexplains Patrick Lefevere, the head of the Quick-Step team, to the Parisian. Because it resolves itself. But one of the ribs, the one that punctured Julian’s lung and created the pneumothorax, moved a lot and has the biggest fracture. And it is she who worries us a little. Frankly, for the Tour de France, it will be very limited. ” Optimism is just not appropriate and the ax on the presence or absence of the double world champion in office soon it will fall. “On May 15th we will decide based on Julian’s recovery.explains Lefevere. At that point, they will stay six weeks before the start of the Tour and we will make a decision. In the meantime, he regularly carries out radio checks of his coast to monitor the consolidation.

60 kilometers from the finish line of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège cycling race, the double world champion in road cycling Giuliano Alaphilippe he was caught in a huge fall of which he was the main victim. The medical report communicated by his team it’s very heavy, but his relatives believed the worst.

Julian Alaphilippe was in a terrible accident

Julian Alaphilippe was driving at more than 80 km / h when it fell this Sunday 24 April and ended up in the ditch. According to his training medical report, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl, the 29-year-old double world champion you suffer from two broken ribsa fracture of the scapula is one pneumothorax.

In detail, the double tri-color champion broke two ribs, which led to the lung puncturewhich explains why he couldn’t breathe immediately after the fall, as well as his shoulder blade. Julian Alaphilippe had been transferred to a hospital in Flanders where one of his team’s doctors works.

Romain Bardet tells the nightmare he lived and illustrates himself, extraordinary

In the pictures, we see very quickly that a cyclist stops his race to rush into the ditch where the world champion fell to help him. This is the French climber Romain Bardet, 2nd in the Tour de France in 2016. “We don’t ride a bike for that, the last time I saw a crash like that was William Bonnet on the Tour, in 2015,” he told the team. the recent winner of the Giro delle Alpi.

Nobody wanted to brake, we were driving at 80 km / h. Nobody stops at this speed. Tom Pidcock and a DirectEnergies fell in front of me and to my right. LouseI, He has gone. When I looked around I saw Julian, maybe five or six meters below. It was an emotional shock, he was really in a worrying situation, no one would come when he really needed help. It was an emergency, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe. It was a nightmare.

Team DSM driver Romain Bardet also said:When I left the race after saving him, I only wanted one thing: to know how he was doing. I was afraid he had an affected vertebrae, paraplegia. I really feared the worst. “

Marion Rousse: live drama

To the comments of the race for French televisions, Julian Alaphilippe’s partner, Marion Rousse witnessed the terrible accident by the father of his son Nino, who will soon be one year old.

The 30-year-old former French champion also left her post to inquire about the health of her loved one before giving some rather reassuring news later. announcing that her athlete husband had been taken to hospital, but that he was conscious and could move his legs.

Marion Rousse commands respect

While we could have imagined wanting to join him in the hospital, Marion Rousse bravely picked up his microphone and finished commenting on the race. The diagnosis is heavy: it will deprive Julian Alaphilippe of his next big milestone of the year, the tour of France, whose departure will be given July 1, 2022 in Copenhagen and will the finish be judged on July 24 on the Champs-Élysées, in Paris? Answer by May 15th.

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