Nismes B: a successful first time

Climbing was the club’s goal and this delighted the president, José Wallon. “Even if that was the goal, doing it in just one season is great, because it’s not easy at all. I had faith in Didier Van Hese and his group and they didn’t disappoint.”

What will be the goal of the “Crayats” next season? “Above all, it will be necessary to maintain the president slips. Most of the main members will remain and we can already count on 3 or 4 reinforcements, including Zeze, Landry Mignon and Romain Druart. We are also on several other elements, which we were waiting in particular to know if we would move up to third place. He will be able to settle. We must not forget that the core of the P1 will also help “.

A similar story from the manager, who will still be T1 next season. “There is no doubt that the quality will be there. When I hear from the guys, they want to keep up fast so they can aim higher later. Football is not an exact science, but our ambition will first and foremost be to stabilize the team. in the third provincial, before being able to play the left column “.

Loic Haidon: Very strong on his line, he allowed us to take points on his own. It has the qualities to evolve higher. For the dance lessons, I’m here.

Thibaut Vallone : A leader who has understood, throughout the championship, the role of captain (calm, benevolence, positive coaching). One of the founders of this project in P4, If he could come to train with another jersey …

Romain Saves : A top player with above-average technical qualities. A character too, as I like them. He is a true 10, which brings a lot of speed to our game. I wish him every success in his new adventure.

Roman Piret : A great future n. 6, if you want it. Casual given his young age, he can really play higher, he just has to realize the qualities of him. Don’t forget that you need shorts and shoes to play football.

Xiaomi Dubuc (Mohamed Ali): An unpredictable player, versatile, technically above average, an exemplary mentality. A tip: not too much sport to avoid certain injuries. I wonder if he’s part of Connor McGregor’s family.

Alessio Allard : Boy always listening, often held back from his work. He just has to look up when he has the ball. Beware of popular marches.

Romain Lambert : A player full of character. He knew how to listen and the result is there: no exclusions and statistics never achieved elsewhere, in goals and assists. Trappist lover.

Francois Aubertin : Always the happiest as soon as he arrives for training. Very rough in marking, silent force. Please, Françis the socks … the socks.

Jeremy Lepretre : He has had quite a few injuries this season. Very determined player, I remember the goal against Hastière, a real gem. Jeremy, drink some water to avoid cramps.

Adriano Piret : The modern attacker, physical, technical, fast, good head. He did not succeed in his bet as top scorer in the series, but brought a lot by his availability, by his assists. Since his arrival, 421 has no more secrets for me.

Pierre Gontran : Our conductor. Due to his regularity and his talent, he was included in the P1 group. It was a great loss for the P4 group, but also a great source of pride. He lets him express himself without too many tactical schemes and he will give you back the hundredfold.

Bryan Collart : The most diligent in training has steadily progressed. It is the strongest for funds. I did not hear anything.

Alessandro Antonio : Technically above average, he got us through great games on soft ground. He still has to improve his movements without the ball. He must have more than one awakening on his birthday.

Julien Verghucht : Highly intelligent and technically very skilled, he was not spared from injuries. The most disappointed, I think, of not being able to be on the pitch at the end of the season. The best when it comes to betting.

Jonathan Agave : Our left back. Skeptical at the start of the season, he proved to be essential there. He will step back next season, but he will remain in the service of the club.

Kevin Jacques : After a long break, he is back on duty: not without physical problems, but he has always recovered. A positive mindset and some goals. Leader in the third half.

Alain Matot : The strongest physically. He could play two games in a row. An example in the simplicity of him. We give everything for 90 minutes and then we argue. Gamers are fed up with his little bridges and his training countermeasures.

Christopher Vanderelst : an incessant percussion on the right side. A long absence for an operation, but he got back in the game. After the rain comes good weather and in all Brogno areas.

Aurelien Dubuc : A very great character. He has a very large room for improvement. It is up to him to take the opportunity. The heartthrob of his ladies.

Maxence Canvas : A clubman, an always attentive and helpful guy. Many small injuries slowed him down.

Teo Maurenne : 17 years, a first season among adults. His progress has been lightning-fast. He has to work on his head play. A strong character.

Stephan Van Hese : My T2, especially my brother, without whom this would not have been possible. Innovative, always good advice. He still has the enthusiasm of his 20 years. I take this opportunity to dedicate this title to David Nicolas, who tragically left us this season.

José Wallon, president of Nismes

The goal was to raise P4: not easy in a season, with a new group. We have succeeded. Is magnificent. The defeat at Thy, a few days from the end, scared us, with a difficult schedule to finish the championship. But we got back on track perfectly.

Adrien Piret: “Crayats scorer”

The goal is achieved, it’s fantastic. Let’s celebrate, we have well deserved it. We had the label of favorites on our shoulders, but we knew how to take it on, without ever doubting. We prepared well, both during the summer break and during the winter break, and that made a difference.

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