“Some turn out to be different on set”

For the fourteenth season of Love is in the meadow “, The production has brought to light new profiles, such as a farmer who practices boxing, a farmer who takes care of the management of the chicks, two women linked together. Between the ages of 22 and 61, they will introduce themselves to viewers to encourage them to write to them.

Chosen from two hundred candidates, these ten new candidates are the result of a very specific alchemy: “
For each season, we try to ensure that all age groups, all regions are represented through our farmers
“Explains Julie Netens, managing editor of the show. ” To have different activities on the screen, we favor farmers who have different specificities, even profiles that break the codes. “

Thorough checks

When the show launched on RTL-TVI in 2009, production company Fremantle spotted a good number of its nominees in random casting at the Libramont agricultural show. Today, given that the program is well defined and the promises kept (in thirteen seasons forty children were born), at RTL-TVI dozens of questions are poured: they come directly from farmers or their relatives, but also from former participants who aim the production on good potential “customers”. But how can production have the guarantee that these new personalities – who they do not yet know – are sincere in their approach?

First, Fremantle asks applicants for proof of their marital status to verify that they are not married. Another point of verification: that the peasants are… really peasants! ” It has already arrived
“, Confirms the production. ” Some wanted to apply when they had three chickens in the back of their garden. These applications are immediately discarded. “But the hardest part is yet to come …

In the mind of the farmers

Generation 20-30, who are almost born with the show, are much more comfortable with cameras
We are told. And also much more comfortable in giving their portraits an image of themselves that is far from reality?

In the last season, viewers felt that Fabian and Florent were perhaps more interested in the experience of a television shoot than in the search for a soul mate. Without forgetting Valentine: very sensitive in the portrait of her, she reveals herself distant from her suitors over the course of the episodes, to the point of ending up interrupting filming. In short, with some candidates, the production works… on eggshells!

However, every year, the TV crews try to ensure the sincerity of future candidates. ” During the first meetings on their farm, their relatives are probed
“Says Julie Netens. ” Through personal questions, we try to get to know the peasants’ personality, their romantic past. But yes, we have already been fooled by good speeches. We rely on the good feeling shared with them, but it can happen that the farmers make fun of us. Also, some turn out to be different on set and that no one can anticipate.. Despite our insistence, the production will not reveal any names.

While some farmers apply for the show for fun, others come to make their own butter. In the past “Love is in the meadow” has welcomed candidates who have talked (a lot) about their award-winning products, their rooms or their educational farm. They deny having participated in the show to advertise and, however, the production is not against the idea of ​​showing their business on the screen: ” It is we who offer them to talk about their specificities “, We continue on the Fremantle side. “
They are just very happy that we talk about their work. At no time in the program is their daily effort minimized.
“Like what, there is not only love in the meadow …

“Love is in the meadow”, Sunday 17 April, 8:55 pm, RTL-TVI

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