The Iron Man 2 movie was originally supposed to adapt this dark Tony Stark story

A few weeks ago we revealed why Iron man it was killing Tony Starkthe opportunity to remember a certain aspect of the filled character vices and addictions well known by fans of comicsbut relatively unexploited in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu). Still, one of the character’s most iconic tales on this theme came very close to adaptation wonder studies during the early development of his cinematic universetherefore just nascent.

the importance of Robert Downey jr.

Embodying the character of Iron Man in the 2008 film of the same name, Robert Downey Jr. was the first spark that gave birth to the MCU as we know it today, also allowing the actor to experience a resurgence in popularity thanks to this role. Faced with the film’s wide success, Marvel Studios also quickly gave the green light to a second part, with Iron Man 2 which will be released in 2010. The studios then hired Justin Therouxwhich he had just written the script for Thunder in the Tropicsand which earned Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor the same year it was released.Iron man. The second film was then quickly put into production, even before the script was finished..

And the film was highly anticipated, not just because it was sequel to a film that grossed approximately $ 600 million and which had been very well received by critics, but also because it was setting the stage for the Avengers. That is why the initially planned scenario had to be changed accordingly.

Yet many fans were eager to see the story adapted from the comics The devil in a bottle (OV: Demon in a bottle). Released in 1979, this story arc in nine issues of comics The invincible Iron Man Tony Stark’s alcoholism is pictured and which, for many, represents the epitome of the story of Iron Man. The choice of Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, was a decision of director Jon Favreau, who thought that the actor’s personal struggle with his addiction issues would fit well with the role of Tony Stark, despite Marvel’s initial skepticism. At the time, some fans thought the second installment could adapt this iconic comic story.

And in a recent article by vulnerability which returns to the restless production ofIron Man 2it was reported that while screenwriter Justin Theroux was actually hired for the adaptation The devil in a bottleplans were changed after consideration. On the one hand, the studios feared that an alcoholic Iron Man would be detrimental to the commercialization of the film. abroad and that this therefore affects its box office, but also that it could influence the sales of toys and related products in the likeness of the character. On the other hand, Robert Downey Jr.’s wife, Susan Downey, also executive producer of the film Iron Man 2, she also opposed this intrigue, for reasons of her husband’s health. Thevoux will explain later why this sudden change: “We didn’t want to be the Leaving Las Vegas version of Iron Man. “.

an adaptation that is not sold enough

The fact that toy sales are a factor affecting the plot is nothing new in the Marvel Universe.. We had already revealed how the film works Iron Man 3 (2013) slashed the role of Maya Hansen, played by Rebecca Hall, who had to do it giving up his status as the main villain in favor of Guy Pearce who played the character of Aldrich Killian, simply out of fear of poor toy sales.

It is for the same reason that Malekith was cast over Hela to be the film’s villain. Thor: The Dark World (2013). This decision is actually very logical, because Iron Man was cast as the first MCU movie. following market research indicating that children would be inclined to buy his toys. In the early days of Marvel Studios, Iron Man was the only proven product, so the studios were very busy with the character.

In the final version of the film, Iron Man 2 made a slight adaptation of the comics The devil in a bottlewhen the protagonist discovers that the ARC Reactor is killing him, thus plunging Stark into an impulsive and self-destructive turmoil. In one scene, Stark drinks heavily while having a party at his house, which results in a fight with his best friend, James Rhodes.

chaotic production

While a film is something worth fighting creatively for, the actor’s safety and well-being remain the top priority. Susan Downey had the wits not to endanger her husband’s health, despite being one of the film’s producers. Yup Iron Man 2 experienced several problems behind the scenes, the film was still a box office success, allowing the franchise to thrive for years thereafter..

But it is true that the film Iron Man 2 it is without a doubt the most chaotic production in the history of the 28 Marvel Studios films. On the film’s final day of post-production, director Jon Favreau said:

I feel like I’m finishing this film the way El Cid ended the war: tied to his horse, dead and sent to battle.

Apart from the fact that the script was not yet finished at the time of shooting, it was above all that the production wanted to leave more interpretative freedom to Downey Jr., considered the driving force of the film, thus giving life to a lot of improvisation. Many changes had to be constantly made to the try to make everything coherent as a whole. Additionally, some casting problems have caused complications.. Especially during the changeover between Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle for the character of Lieutenant Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, but also in the face of requests from Mickey Rourke for his character of Ivan Vanko, aka Whiplash.

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