“We are all in the same boat”: high school students get involved in Nogent-le-Rotrou

As part of the Celebrate Europe! Call, the students of the Rémi-Belleau high school in Nogent-le-Rotrou have created several frescoes on the theme of solidarity. The project was led by Anita Pastor, head of Erasmus + European exchanges within the structure. “All this is the result of a process of reflection, of exchanges of ideas made upstream”, explains Jonathan Guyot, professor of life and earth sciences, also a graffiti artist. It was he who connected Freaks The Fab and high school.

In Nogent-le-Rotrou, Rémi-Belleau high school students take action against discrimination

“It is really an opportunity to have been able to live this artistic experience”.

Elsa, Ilana, Emma and Gwenaëlle (students of the Rémi-Belleau high school)

Cyprien, Louis and the two Enzo’s are in their first professional baccalaureate diploma in “commerce” at the Rémi-Belleau high school. Elsa, Ilana, Emma and Gwenaëlle, are for three of them, in the last option of general plastic arts, in the same place. They all meet in the corridors of the school or in the courtyard but they had never spoken to each other.

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“We all four of us know each other but we didn’t know the guys at all. This adventure has allowed us to forge bonds with them. We talked a lot together, exchanged ideas ”, rejoices the quartet of girls engaged in this beautiful artistic and human adventure.

An adventure that made it possible to break down the boundary between students in general education and those in vocational training.

High school students from Nogent-le-Rotrou on the front page this Monday on France 3

The creation of a website dedicated to the sale of the products of the street artists in the project

The four high school students set up the project as part of the masterpiece they are expected to present next year. A collective or individual goal that allows you to express talents in relation to your future job, but also to show and improve your skills. “We spent two hours on this project on Wednesday alone. Next year we will continue to work on our masterpiece, namely the creation of a website dedicated to the sale of street artists’ products ”, explain the boys.

The girls enthusiastically joined the project:

“It was exciting to produce frescoes related to solidarity and Erasmus. We are in the artistic field and it is a plus to be able to practice beyond the lessons. We have a lot of theory, not too much practice. Graff is not a technique we are used to practicing. “

students of the Rémi-Belleau high school (empty)

Staying united, breaking down barriers and fighting prejudices

Freaks The Fab is equally enthusiastic about this partnership: “In this boat that looks like a drakkar, the high school students represented fauna, flora, humans. Solidarity goes beyond the human being. We are not here just to paint. The idea is to convey a message and to challenge young and old on the importance of being united, of living together, of sharing, of breaking down barriers, of fighting even against prejudices. For me, who am a bit of an eco-activist in my actions, it is important to convey the message that we are sawing the branch we are sitting on when we talk about the planet. “

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