What are the best UV tents for kids?

How to choose a children’s tent with UV protection?

At the beach, children can get sunburned quickly. Spreading them with sunscreen isn’t enough when the sun is beating down when they want to spend hours having fun. Hence the interest in investing in an anti-UV awning. This accessory protects the little ones from UV rays, but also from wind and sand. It also offers them a small shady corner for a siesta. In addition, it is possible to mount this canopy in the garden. The whole family can enjoy sunny days in complete tranquility!

The kids UV tent is easy to set up and store. Just put it in the chosen position and your little one is free to have fun, protected from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. In addition, the tent is a real safe playground. When fatigue sets in, he can simply doze off.

For its main mission, the anti-UV children’s tent must meet EN71 safety standards. It is essential that it displays a high protection factor against UVA and UVB rays, i.e. UPF 50+ the maximum.

To find the model that suits your little angel’s needs, you have to take into account various criteria, starting with the size. The latter depend on the number and age of the children who will benefit from the UV shelter. They also affect congestion. Practicality is also another element to consider when choosing this baby beach accessory. To do this, make sure you find a UV curtain that is equipped with a fastening system. Note that some models offer additional options such as a play mat, pool area, or mosquito net. They are likely to affect the shelter price. Ask yourself about their need before finalizing your order.

Keep in mind that the kids UV tent must have good ventilation to avoid the risk of sunstroke. Please note that a child should never be left unattended. For optimal protection, remember to wear appropriate clothing, sunglasses and a hat. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Our selection of the 5 best anti UV baby curtains of the moment.

Our choice: high sun protection UV tent with mosquito net

As a family, enjoy the joys of the beach with the child thanks to this Babymoov anti-UV curtain with mosquito net. We chose it because its canvas has a high protection factor (SPF 50+). With its dimensions of 98 x 90 x 85 cm, this UV shelter can accommodate 2 children or an adult. It has a window to ensure ventilation and avoid the risk of sunstroke.

This Babymoov tent also has a mosquito net that closes completely with a scratch to protect your baby from insects. With a pop-up system, it folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye.

Blue anti-UV beach tent for 2 children

Does your child love to have fun in the garden and on the beach? Offer him adequate protection by investing in this Badabulle anti-UV curtain with SPF 50+ protection factor. We suggest this shelter that can protect your loulou not only from the effects of UVB rays, but also from sand and wind.

This large Badabulle tent can accommodate two children and also one adult. It folds and unfolds in seconds thanks to the pop-up system. This UV-resistant child shelter is fixed to the ground using 4 pegs supplied. To ensure good ventilation, there are nets on the sides. So, your little one won’t be too hot.

Multifunctional UV-resistant 50 tent with Pop-Up pool

On the beach, children need a suitable water point to enjoy the joys of swimming in complete safety. That’s why we have selected this for you Ludi pool with UV curtain. Your child can safely paddle in the water.

This multifunctional pool is protected by an anti-UV cover that can protect your baby’s skin from sun bites. However, you need to wear sunscreen, goggles and a hat! The canvas is made of synthetic material that can be washed with a damp cloth.

Thanks to the pop-up system, this pool tent can be set up and stored easily. It is also light and compact. Once folded, you can carry it in its shoulder bag.

Tent and play area with UV 50+ protection

On the beach, in the park or in the garden, so that the child can play or take a nap out of the sun, install this Babymoov 3-in-1 Aquani UV curtain. It won us over because it can double as a play area with the two included early learning toys. It is also possible to transform it into an extra bed and a water point so that your little angel can splash around safely. The fabric is able to filter UVA and UVB rays, also protecting the child from wind, sand and insects.

UV tent 50 with paddling pool – from birth

Do you need a shelter for your child to play on the beach or in the garden in complete tranquility? Go for it Abribaby UV curtain by Ludi. You convinced us for various reasons. This canvas protects your little one from the wind and prevents the sun’s rays from reaching him while he plays with the 6 multi-colored balls included.

Under the Abribaby tent, all you have to do is add a net and transform it into a paddling pool suitable for babies. Enough to allow your little one to cool off and splash around during the summer days! This shelter was also designed for parents. You can fold it in the blink of an eye and store it in the supplied bag. Its fabric is also easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a damp sponge is enough to polish it.

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