Your 5 theatrical releases of the week

There will be something for everyone! Superhero lost in parallel universes … Horror movie very seventies … Documentary Ennio Morricone … Follow the guide!

1. “Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness”

We can’t take Doctor Strange anymore! He is everywhere! In 2016, the great British actor Benedict Cumberbatch he found himself at the head of a franchise. Good. But since, due to Marvel Extended Universethe sauce is heavily diluted, and here it is making its appearance at all costs: “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Avengers: Endgame”and of course “Spider-Man: There’s No Way To Go Home”. This time, he finds himself trapped in his own invention of him: parallel worlds. A zero-cost warning for Zuckerberg who, too, wants to immerse us in a world deemed better (but which could be worse)?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Marvel Studios | Official Trailer

2. “Arthur Rambo”

You prefer a super Parisian French film – but who at the same time denounces the excesses of this very small intellectual environment where it is absolutely necessary to have “the map”? This new work signed by palmurists Laurent Cantetto starts very strong. The new favorite of literature is a young suburban of immigrant background and is causing a stir. Except … That same evening, someone on the web links to his secret avatar Arthur Rambo (pun intended), a kind of alter ego that, with coverage of Twitter’s anonymity, he sent racist, opportunistic and vaguely provocative scud For years. Unfortunately, the film begins to stagnate, everyone turns their backs on him (his girlfriend, his friends, his family, his editor …). We wish we had more questions on the zone of impunity, weakness and aggression that the Internet also constitutes. Alas, they stay here for a while with bated breath.

ARTHUR RAMBO Trailer (2022)

3. “X”

Come on, let’s continue with a small B series (or rather Z, or even X as the title suggests), which however came out of the game when it was released in the United States. The argument is threefold: the 70s, vintage porn aesthetics, and horror film. Or the story of a small team who find themselves on an isolated farm to secretly shoot an adult film. Except that the two old owners don’t feel that way. The viewer always waits for the surprise that would give the subject a little more depth … while secretly dreaming of what a Tarantino could have done with such material (as he brilliantly did on the same kind of theme with Boulevard of Death in 2007).

X Trailer VF (2022)

4. “Ennio: The master”

Speaking of Tarantino, here is a film he obviously collaborated on, he who has always proclaimed loud and clear his unconditional love for the greatest soundtrack composer of all time: Morricone. She also had to wait for “Les 8 bastards” to finally collaborate with the maestro. Here, another emblematic director who adheres to it, the Italian Giuseppe Tornatore. She had already shown all of her love of hers for 7And art with “Paradise cinema”here he interviews the guard and the rear guard (Springsteen, Hans Zimmer, Terrence Malick, John Williams, Oliver Stone, Wong Kar-Wai, Quincy Jones), to show us that the keystone of the work it is of course the depth of the emotion aroused by the teacher. The plus: these dozens of super-quality movies (“Mission”, “Once upon a time in the West”, “Once upon a time in America”, “They are all fine” …) that make you want to see them all again …

5. “Farm Madness”

We would be remiss not to say a word of the new Jean-Pierre Ameris (“The emotional anonymous”). A nice peasant from Cantal (Alban Ivanov) owes money to his banker, he will have to put the key under the doormat when he gets the idea of ​​organizing himself in his big empty barn … the first peasant cabaret in France. Hire a circus performer (Sabrina Ouazani), which takes up the challenge: to bring people among the cows. Forward on the screen …

FARM CRAZY Trailer (2022)

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