A unique and affordable wedding ring at the Salon de l’Alliance

Itinerant and unique, the Salons de l’Alliance display the wedding rings of the newlyweds every year. Places of symbolic navigation, these Salons are characterized by a quality offer, but above all a unique concept: for each alliance purchased, the second one is free.

An exceptional and unique concept

Founded in 2015 by Hanna Mechaly, the Salon de l’Alliance showcases the biggest brands, the biggest manufacturers and the most prestigious wedding ring makers from Europe and North America. This idea comes naturally from the personal life of her creator: from early childhood, Hanna Mechaly evolved into the world of precious jewelry. An experience that allows him to know perfectly all the phases of the creation and marketing of a jewel in general, but of a wedding ring in particular. In addition to designing an aesthetically unique jewel, Hanna Mechaly measures all the emotions and symbolism that this purchase takes on for the newlyweds. Coming to the Salon de l’Alliance means feeling in a timeless environment, entering another dimension. A world where luxury, calm and voluptuousness are one. A prestigious environment, of course, but that the Salone wants to make accessible and convivial. The musical atmosphere is delicate and the attention to the palate is not lacking; the best coffees, teas, juices and other pastries are offered.

A presence of the Salons de l’Alliance throughout France

The Salon de l’Alliance also involves several teams of consultants and logisticians who travel, on weekends, to different cities in France, but also to Belgium and Luxembourg. As soon as they arrive at the Salone, the newlyweds receive a tray specially designed for them, on which they can place the models of the wedding rings of their dreams. Each salon also welcomes a dozen consultants to guide the bride and groom in their choice. Couples are absolutely free to choose. These consultants then step in to answer their questions related to the metal, a particular setting, or any other special request.

Each year, the Salon de l’Alliance is organized in an exceptional location. The idea is that couples can do free-picking to select their alliances from the thousands of models presented. The Exhibition, in fact, works with a large number of European partners, but also from North America.

A unique and affordable wedding ring at the Salon de l’Alliance The Hall of the Covenant

Shift the lines of marriage

This unique experience completely overturned the very traditional codes of bridal jewelry. At the Salon de l’Alliance, there’s no longer a need to wait at an intimidating security gate or worry about having enough money to afford the ring of your dreams. Couples are invited there without artifice, they can stroll at their leisure among the futuristic tables. Each table is covered with trays of wedding rings, all classified by color of gold (yellow, white, pink or two-tone), but also by category of diamonds, whether they are precious or solitaire stones. The choice of alliances thus tends to become an unforgettable experience. A moment of intimacy scrupulously respected, but above all sublimated by the refinement of the place.

You have to believe that magic happens: of the 230,000 couples who marry on average each year, 30% choose their rings at the Salon de l’Alliance.

A bought alliance, an offered alliance

The Salon de l’Alliance offers an enriched choice of models and various price ranges, always with noble materials. 10,000 models are exhibited every year. The quality of its products, the Salon de l’Alliance makes them its priority, whether they are in gold, platinum, palladium or even with diamonds set.

Once the bride and groom choose their wedding rings, they only pay for the more expensive of the two. Because yes, the latter is offered to them.

A unique and affordable wedding ring at the Salon de l’Alliance The Hall of the Covenant

An unparalleled experience in continuous improvement

Hanna Mechaly and her team make every effort to ensure that the bride and groom have this unforgettable experience to the best of their ability. Refreshment, children’s play area, toilets, a thank you gift when ordering, the Salone takes care of all these details. A dress code is also enforced for consultants, so they can be easily recognized. With an already great reputation and a unanimously approved concept, Hanna Mechaly is far from satisfied with the acquisition. The entrepreneur continues to improve the service provided to her customers by constantly listening to them. Continuing to rigorously support them, nurturing new ideas, Hanna Mechaly cultivates the idea that nothing is permanent except change.

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