Botanical Nights: Gang of girls

American underground rap (Fly Anakin), female rock’n’roll (Panic Shack, Melenas, Los Bitchos) and followers of Fantômas (Jonathan Bree) … On Tuesday, the Botanical Nights varied the pleasures.

Hey. When you look at me like that, I don’t really like it. Hey. When you talk to me like that, I don’t like it very much. “ From the very first words of the first song of the evening, the Welsh women of Panic Shack set the tone. Girl empowerment. Rock your pig and #MeToo was there. The Orangerie is full of girls in the room and on stage for a triple account that loves female rock. The group of Cardiff does not have an album yet. He held his first concert in Belgium, his first concert on this side of the Channel. But there are already people at 19:30 to put themselves in the face of his elastic punk (a bit of dead guysa little bit of’Amil and Gli Sniffer), his overflowing enthusiasm, his funny choreography and his sense of humor. Two women in the front row go wild and take up the words in chorus … “Pushing as hard as possible to exist in this sphere will hopefully inspire more girls, especially those who come from the working class. “ commented the guitarist of the young group in full confinement Romi Lorenzo. The sector seems to be opening up. The mentality seems to change …

With Melena, is the direction of Spain. A Spain twinned with Electrelane’s Brighton. A convincing indie rock, a little dream pop, a little kraut that has the heady keyboard and the exoticism of the Spanish language. Originally from Pamplona, ​​signed for the American label Trouble In Mind, Melena seduced the most Los Bitchosthe four Londoners gathered around their common passion for instrumental music and Peruvian chicha. Don’t believe the hypeyelled out of time the Arctic monkeys at the moment of their fabulous explosion. Los Bitchos tend to agree with them.

At Nuits du Bota, where you buy tickets per evening and per room, you always tell yourself that you would like to hear elsewhere. Especially in this uninhibited and decompartimentalized period in which fans of You oh see listen Orelsan. On Thursday, under the domes still under construction in the Brussels complex, the choices were made. Alongside female rock, you could play underground American rap at the Rotonde. Again, it was the first party to win the bet. Fly Anakin most memorable of the New York duo Armand Hammer. Born Frank L. Walton Jr., Fly Anakin grew up in Richmond, Virginia. I was fed Notorious BIG, Wu-Tang, Nas and Jay-Z. And he started rapping at 13 about J Dilla and Madlib. The dude who smokes huge bats and transforms the high-ceilinged Brussels room into an Amsterdam bar sometimes has a memory lapse. “This is what happens when you smoke too many joints on stage,” he laughs at himself before landing on his feet. Fly Anakin still has a swag and a flow of thunder. Co-founder of the Mutant Academy collective (Koncept Jack $ on, Big Kahuna OG, Ohbliv, Unlucky Bastards), he has collaborated with Freddie Gibbs and released a record with Siifu pink (FlySiifu’s) before releasing his debut album, Frank, on Lex Records in March. A boy to watch closely.

At the Grand Salon, you understand at the Museum, the scattered audience dances to the theatrical rhythm of Jonathan Bree. Discovered in the early 2000s with his group The brunettes, the New Zealander plays it today as a masked singer with a burnt look. His head, like that of his musicians and his two dancers, buried in Lycra. A faceless group, phantoms of the opera … Producer of orchestral pop, fan of the Baroque arrangements of the sixties, Bree is a crooner of the strange. An esthete of mystery. A gothic Neil Hannon. Protagonist of another chamber pop and charming singer of hazy films. The choreography on stage aligns with the projections with extraordinary synchronization. An evening as we like them …

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