External skeletons to relieve people with disabilities

Michaël bends down, crouches and picks up a cabinet from the floor, which he then places on the bottom of a sink. Curved, he cleans and disinfects it before putting it to dry. And then he starts again. For a year he has been working at the Laundromat Ateliers Saupont, an adapted employment company (ETA) – and one of the largest employers – in the Center Ardennes region. Of course he is called to perform other tasks, but this is his main responsibility. Suffering from psoriatic arthritis and a spongy hernia, by the way, he doesn’t know “not a day without back pain”he comments continuing his work. “We have added a grid in the sink to raise it so that it is less folded”, he continues. But this was not enough to guarantee him adequate working conditions.

More generally, this company specializing in cosmetics, from production to packaging, “It has implemented ergonomic solutions and adapted production lines. Therefore, the workers do not always perform the same task”explains Christelle Collard, director of the packaging department. “But it’s still a factory and the work there is repetitive”she admits.


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