How to please without spoiling your child?

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Being a parent is a big responsibility. In fact, we become responsible for a fragile being and we must ensure his well-being and education. Also, as she grows up, we worry about seeing her become more and more independent and try to protect her as much as possible. But sometimes, the love we have for our children can quickly turn into a feeling of overprotection. We want to give them everything and not see them suffer. However, such behavior can have a negative consequence: ruin them. So, how to please your child without overdoing it? I give you advice in the rest of this article.

Buy toys sensibly

When your child was born, you felt a great love invade you. As he grows, you want to please him on every occasion. Result: you buy him everything he asks for. If he asks a new game when he had one last week, give him this whim.

With such an attitude, your child will grow up thinking that everything is due to him and will not be able to cope well with his frustration when he is later faced with a “No”. To avoid giving in to temptation, I suggest you offer him second-hand toys.

It is not a question of punishing him, but of teaching him to be content with what he has. The used toys such as those offered by Lady Cocotte are generally made of wood. In fact, they are very durable toys. Can use it to play for a long time. When he asks for new ones, you can let him know that he doesn’t need them right now.

Also, second-hand toys are useful your wallet and the environment. Pleasing your child all the time will make you spend more money than necessary. With used toys, you will get good quality items that will last longer. As a result, you won’t need to buy them that often.

Also, toys available in supermarkets are usually made of plastic and deteriorate quickly. As you probably know, plastic is an unhealthy material. Finally, the manufacture of this type of toy often incorporates chemical compounds that can be dangerous to your baby’s body.

Give your child experiences to share

While it is true that giving gifts to the child makes him happy, it is only in the short term. As he grows up, he wants more and more and gets bored quickly. Materialism therefore will not make your offspring truly happy. What will truly bring them joy and happiness are the memories and times they will share with you. So you can please your child without giving him a mountain of toys.

So remember to take your son or daughter to an age-appropriate show, amusement park, or exhibition. You can also subscribe aa manual activities laboratory so that he can have fun with children of his age and live unique experiences.

If your professional activity allows it, consider taking it on a holiday by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains. Together, you can enjoy activities such as building sand castles, making a snowman, walking in the countryside or even visiting farms. Those simple activities it will allow you to get closer and to please your little one in a healthy way.

Encourage your baby to play outdoors

Running outdoors is a simple and free happiness that has multiple benefits. Leaving the baby shut up too often in the house, even with toys, is not very good for his development. On the contrary, he risks being withdrawn and not being sociable.

If you want to make him a balanced person, your child must be able to have fun outdoors. To do this, allow him to move by making him do it outdoor games. So she can run and have fun. Running is a great way to exercise and to evacuate any excess energy you have.

I therefore advise you to do so play with the ball with him during an impromptu game, for example, or playing hide and seek with him.

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