Jean-Baptiste de Froment in the footsteps of Badroulboudour

At the airport the girls are having fun, much to Antoine’s desperation, who only tries to restrain their boisterous enthusiasm and whose unconvinced reproaches are essentially meant to make the passengers who are also waiting for the departure for the “Kloub” believe. , who is a father who is attentive to his children but who also knows how to enforce them … But among those for whom ” the barbarians are on our doorstep “And those who tell him not to leave” no one has ever cut off the wings of these little girls », Antoine feels that these holidays will not be easy and that he certainly should have chosen another option!

In fact, slyly, it had been his ex-wife, Madeleine, who, pretending to dissuade him, had managed to make him take this decision, which was not as in keeping with his way of life as he believed, was usually unwilling to feel at his own at ease in these sometimes wild summer atmospheres for adults.

He, the specialist in the tales of his distant and illustrious namesake of the 17th-18th centuries. He who had been crowned Doctor of Arts thanks to his thesis on A thousand and one nights, translation of the saying of the same name, which had not failed to attract the eye of the delightful Madeleine. He who had shared with her her travels around the world then the arrival of the girls, then the “ initially imperceptible variations “of their life together and finally” the permanent loss of your baggage upon returning from a trip to Tangier when said baggage contained ” all the treasures of the family “. The one who suddenly found himself inside room of a maid “where he had taken refuge after Madeleine had told him” the order to leave the marital home “.

Thus, finding himself taken in hand by the ADD (Devout and Diligent Animators) and following in the footsteps of the other “kloubeurs”, Antoine had obediently decided to blend in with the group in an attempt to disappear there, to become invisible, transparent.

But when, addressing the group, one of the ADD urged them all to remember that they were there to ” have a good time “, to reach ” at the top of the great stairway of bliss “to find” Badroulboudour “Here, Antoine had fallen from the clouds! Because the name of the princess ofAladdin and the mysterious lamp in the original translation by Antoine Galland, that of three hundred years ago, did you come to question him when this name had long been eclipsed, even canceled, by all the versions transmitted since then, even in the cinema or cartoon?

Full moon with full moons “, Badroulboudour, or Badr-al-Boudour! A wonderful creature. What ” comes to reconcile everything “. The one whose path we can, if we look closely, cross….

A whole perspective for a holiday that will be really very different!

Thanks to him, Jean-Baptiste de Froment, with this book that in the end is not as light as he wants to give the impression, brings to light a man who history has forgotten behind the stories he told us, bequeathed by his translation work.

Antoine Galland, you can confirm it with some quick research, it is this namesake of the hero of his book who, a little more than three hundred years ago, delivered to the contemporaries of Louis XIV a translation of the Arab tales with which Scheherazade filled the nights of Sultan Shahryar, being very careful, in the morning, not to finish his story to keep the sultan in suspense and escape the curse of all those who preceded him.

With a certain malice, Jean-Baptiste de Froment mixes his story with the story of the man who was a member of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres, taking us directly into a story that also becomes a fairy tale. , a fairy tale, one more story, one access for the reader, a bonus that Scheherazade herself would not have denied.

Nothing extraordinary, moving or profound in this novel, but nevertheless it sows around it a certain happiness, a joyful optimism, a delicate simplicity, a quiet bonhomie that turns the pages with a certain tenderness for this Antoine a little mistreated by a scenario that takes him out of his tranquility, which leads him to imbalance and mistreats him a bit in the sequel where his natural lack of initiative, his reserved nature and his tendency to avoid obstacles rather than approach them!

But the tales have this permanent feature: if Lagardère does not go on an adventure, then it is the adventure that will go to Lagardère! … Events unfold around Antoine who suffers them but paddles a little above the wave to keep the course and also ends up taking some initiatives that he will not regret.

So yes, between historical data (I stop talking so much about “reminders” as far as I’m concerned and until I opened a book, Antoine Galland was, for me, a complete stranger) and the story about the other Antoine Galland who is like a fairytale, it is in a friendly, fun, well constructed, well told and well written read that you will launch yourself from the first page without letting go of the book until you reach the last.

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