Ozalys, the skin care brand adapted to women with breast cancer

Isabelle Guyomarch is a 53-year-old woman, mother, entrepreneur and cancer survivor. After learning about her illness, she created Ozalys, a line of skin care products designed for women with cancer. Zoom on a fighter’s route.

After acquiring CCI Productions in 2008, a struggling cosmetic industrial group that has now become a major player for global luxury brands, Isabelle Guyomarch saw her diagnosis suddenly drop in 2013: aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. “I knew about the disease and the society’s point of view on cancer and the sick. I had to fight another battle to revive this company on my own and preserve the occupation in France. It is in that moment that I decided creates Ozalys, high design treatments designed for women with cancer“Says Isabella.

Revolution in the dermocosmetic universe, Ozalys is a 100% made in France brand designed for women with cancer and dedicated to all those affected by the side effects of oncological treatments. The brand, available in more than 32 countries, therefore offers a high design skincare line to bring comfort and comfort to the most fragile skin during, but also after cancer.

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We ban ingredients, even authorized, which have a “hormone-like” behavior and we track down phthalates, plasticizers and heavy metals, even in packaging“explains Isabelle. Ozalys’ range of skin care products is consisting of 11 products combining moisturizing care and hygiene care, in large part available in Belgium in pharmacies and specialty stores.

What prompted you to develop this project?

My story is that of the two million women diagnosed with breast cancer each year around the world. During this ordeal I realized that taking care of yourself allows you to regain confidence, and is part of rebuilding yourself. During the long treatment process, the ultrasensitivity of my skin and my mucous membranes made daily hygiene difficult, from brushing my teeth to applying a body cream with only one arm … From this personal ordeal comes the desire to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional dermocosmetic offer. With Ozalys, my ambition is to offer comfort and reassurance to women in complete safety. May they rediscover the pleasure in a bathroom, which has often become a source of moral and physical suffering.

How did you experience the disease? What allowed you to express your emotions?

Upon learning of my cancer, I was shocked, angry, scared. By getting out of this spiral, I wanted to take back control of my life and make sense of what it doesn’t have. Ozalys allows women to access appropriate cosmetics, in complete safety. And for my part I have decided to testify, to make the voices of women affected by cancer heard and to improve their quality of life afterwards. the cancer.

I am involved in initiatives that aim to change the way women affected by this disease are seen and to help them rebuild themselves, supporting them in their resilience work, such as the Cancer @ Work network – a network of companies committed to better coping with the disease at work . I campaign for access to new techniques, still too little known and expensive, management of the side effects of hormone therapy so essential in the prevention of relapses.

Is it really possible to rebuild after such an event?

Being an entrepreneur confers a set of rights but also duties. I haven’t stopped working, my business was a way to survive. I work, therefore I live. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s a long journey with ups and downs, there’s no denying it. Because if you are alive, the psychological and physical consequences are very real and must be taken into consideration. This is one of the taboos that, in my opinion, must be lifted.

What was your biggest challenge in creating Ozalys?

The challenge was to create the world’s leading brand with a unique formulation charter that took into account both side effects and drug interactions of treatments. After three years of research and development, safety, use and efficacy tests carried out on more than 800 women, we have developed 11 High Design hygiene and care products to answer the problems caused by cancer treatments.

How can Ozalys products help women with cancer?

Beyond the high design of the products and their safety, taking care of yourself, feeling like a woman, is a way to break the isolation in which cancer, treatments and their side effects trap women. It is a first victory over the disease.

What message would you like to convey to women with cancer?

The crisis we are going through has shown us the importance of the bonds we forge and the support of our loved ones. Unfortunately, for people living with cancer, loneliness and loss of confidence are daily realities. Whatever cancer they went through, these women they are heroes …

Isabelle Guyomarch tells her story in a book, fighter (Edizioni Cherche Midi), a manifesto of femininity, which traces her personal and professional path.

Find all information, advice and products on Ozalys.com.


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