postponement to June 1 of the trial of the woman suspected of attacking a firefighter

A woman is suspected of hitting a firefighter’s helmet and trying to stop him from putting out a fire during the May Day protest in Paris.

The protester suspected of assaulting a firefighter during the May 1 parade in Paris was placed under judicial control on Wednesday May 4 pending her June 1 trial before the Paris Criminal Court. After 48 hours in police custody, this 38-year-old woman was sent back to prosecution on Tuesday for an immediate appearance Wednesday afternoon.

In the videos taken during the May Day demonstration posted on social networks, we see the suspect, an orange helmet on her head, who tries to snatch the fire hose from a firefighter while she is putting out a fire started by some demonstrators. After several unsuccessful attempts, she hits him twice on the helmet before being overwhelmed. This gesture had aroused widespread condemnation on social media, while Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had denounced “unacceptable violence“.

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Detention until the required trial

At the hearing, the much tried, often in tears, Hager Ameur showed up with her hair pulled up in a bun, wearing a denim jacket, and argued for her right to have the trial canceled. She introduced herself as “CDI employee trainer in the field of hygiene“after being”caregiver during Covid“. Pending the hearing on the merits of June 1, the question of that hearing was whether the accused would be subjected to coercive measure. The Paris public prosecutor asked for him to be placed in pre-trial detention until trial, a”exceptional fit“According to him, legitimized by”some form of dangerof the accused. “There are questions about Madame’s state of mind“, The prosecutor slipped.

Questioned shortly before by the prosecutor about his risk of recurrence of the facts, Hager Ameur replied: “I work, I have a permanent contract, I am a mother, I love my children“One of his lawyers, Me Alice Becker, had rephrased the prosecutor’s question:Can you tell the court that you will no longer go to a demonstration?“.”It is 100% safe, I sign all documents for it“, The suspect replied.

Life “destroyed”.

The court finally pronounced a judicial review accompanied by the ban on demonstrating in Paris and on possessing or carrying a weapon, as well as a medical-psychological report. One of the two lawyers of the mis en cause, Me Alice Becker, had estimated the life of her client “destroyedfrom the 48 hours of police custody and from the media coverage of the facts. Her colleague Me Aïnoha Pascual had mentioned the “complicated life of a single motherby Hager Ameur, also briefly cited by the courts as a victim of violence, in another case.

On June 1, the hearing on the merits will address the charges of “violence against a person in charge of a public service mission, contempt, rebellion, participation in a group in order to commit violence or degradation during a demonstration and hinder the arrival of aid intended to combat a catastrophe dangerous for people“. Hager Ameur”disputes most of the facts“Me Becker has already said. The “outrages that are reproached, it is not her“. About “violence, did not take place at all as the media summary was done“.”I don’t understand how he could have hindered the rescue since they are there, and the fire has already been extinguished.“, He also advanced.

The two lawyers also announced a complaint against the Paris prosecutor’s office and the police, which they accuse of “massive and outrageous leaks (of information) in this file” to the “deplorable media coverage“The victim firefighter has amoral damage“But no physical damage, said his lawyer, Me Jérôme Andréi, who also defends the Paris fire brigade, civil party.

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