Prince Petar of Serbia may be the father of a child born out of wedlock

On April 27, 2022, the entourage of Prince Petar Karadjordjevic, eldest son of the current pretender to the throne of Serbia, announced an “irrevocable” decision. The eldest grandson of the late King Peter II of Yugoslavia renounced his dynastic rights in favor of his younger brother, Prince Philip. We learn today that one of the reasons for this decision would be the existence of a hidden girl, whose paternity was revealed by the Serbian press.

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Prince Petar renounced his rights for himself and all his descendants regardless of legitimacy

Prince Peter, born in 1980, eldest son of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and grandson of King Peter II of Yugoslavia, signed an act of abdication of his dynastic rights in Seville, Spain on April 27, 2022. Prince Petar was the first in line behind his father, the current leader of the Karageorgich dynasty, who ruled the Serbian and Yugoslav territories from 1842 to 1945.

The signing of this deed was affixed where he currently lives, at the home of his mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans-Braganza, and of her stepfather, the Duke of Segovia. Prince Petar, celibate and so far with no known children, lives in Spain and shows little interest in the political affairs of Serbia, where he would one day succeed his father as head of the former royal family. It is therefore quite natural that he decided to give up his rights in favor of his younger brother, Prince Philip. Prince Filip, meanwhile, has been living in Serbia for some years, is married to Princess Danic and has a son, Prince Stefan. He is very busy in his country, he participates in cultural, historical and religious events.

Prince Petar has formalized his decision to renounce his dynastic rights in favor of his younger brother (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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The prince would have a son born out of wedlock

The Serbian press had reported some passages of the deed signed by Prince Petar, during a ceremony in the presence of his mother, stepfather, Prince Philip and Princess Danica, but also in the presence of a representative of the Orthodox Church and a member of the Heraldic Council, not a member of Crown Prince Alexander’s cabinet, as first reported.

Although he accepted his son’s decision, Crown Prince Alexander issued a statement denouncing the lack of form around this act. He would not have respected the family statute and the old royal rules prescribed to formulate an abdication. The decision to sign the deed outside the Royal Palace in Belgrade, without the presence of members of the crown prince’s cabinet and choosing to invite some Spanish Orthodox authorities, are elements to be deplored.

Today the Serbian press cites other parts of the act of resignation, which until now suggested that the primary reasons were the desire to continue his life in Spain and the lack of interest in the office, however a detail in the wording has caught the attention of journalists. “With the act of abdication I renounce for myself and for all my descendants who were born or who will be born in a married relationship or out of wedlock”.

According to statements by the Serbian daily Kurir, Prince Petar is the father of a child, which would explain the specific mention of children born out of wedlock. “7 or 8 years ago Petar had a daughter from an affair with a woman in London. He has recognized the child, sees her and fulfills all of his legal obligations in terms of child support., a source told Kurir. The child would now live with his mother in London. Prince Petar works as a graphic designer.

On the part of the Royal Court of Serbia, we do not wish to comment on these recent events or this information. The fact that the hieromonk of the church of St. Michael the Archangel of the Orthodox parish of Palma de Marjoque, under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Serbia, had been present at the signing of the deed, obviously would not have liked the head of the family who saw it as a way for the Church orthodox to interfere in family affairs.

Prince Philip and Princess Danica of Serbia in Paris in 2019 (Photo: David Niviere / ABACAPRESS.COM)

Before marrying the Greek Katherine Batis in 1985, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, 76 years old today, was married to Princess Maria da Glória of Orléans-Braganza, of the imperial family of Brazil. Together they had three children: Crown Prince Petar, Prince Philip and Prince Aleksandar. Prince Philip and Prince Alexander were born in Fairfax, Virginia on January 15, 1982, after their parents moved from Chicago, where their older brother was born. Prince Philip and Prince Alexander have as godparents King Constantine II of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Anna of Bourbon-Sicile, Duchess of Calabria, born Princess of Orleans.

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