Rape of a young woman in a bush in Clermont-Ferrand: sentenced to ten years in prison

The facts are old. But the images remain anchored in the memory. Indelible. Still haunting five and a half years later the minds of an entire family.
Facts committed a few meters from the entrance to their building. So close and so far at the same time. “Every day we passed there, next to the door and I said to myself, my daughter was raped there … she was unbearable”, the victim’s mother testifies, moved in front of the Assize Court. It was her sister who saved her. I wasn’t there, I couldn’t save my baby … I would have blamed myself for life. “

prize Accused of raping a young woman on the street in Clermont-Ferrand: “Don’t move, I’ll rape you, I’ll kill you …”

Jailed ten days after that night of October 1, 2026, Philippe Sow was released from pre-trial detention nearly ten months later, placed under judicial control. “We get a letter, a shot. We tell each other that he is out, that he can come back… ”, he continues.
It is only a few months later that the mother and daughters will finally move. “We all left this cursed place. We had lived there for eleven years, ”adds the mother.
On the part of the defendants, Philippe Sow, if he does not admit the rape, nevertheless apologized repeatedly during the trial. Thus observing an ambivalent position.

“I didn’t feel any resistance or enthusiasm. There was the look .. There was no “no”. When they don’t want me, they usually say it. I never threatened her, I never said I would kill her, I never put my hands around a woman’s neck. Never. I had the feeling that there was a feeling … “

The accused (empty)

«Behind this middle ground, you are asking for absolution, sir, things must be said. This attitude is unbearable for the victims. This bottom line is that she is a liar. And this, this damages them ”, protests Me Renaud Portejoie, civil party. “Why do you apologize when you tell us you haven’t done anything?” “, Also annoys the general councilor, Marlène Roch. Thinking for a long time before answering, the accused remains strong on his arguments.
And again when the victim’s mother comes out of the hinges and screams this cry from the heart, launched from the classroom: «But say it! Say you raped her! “
Heavy silence. At the limit of the bearable. But the accused does not hold back. Then he ends up responding softly: “Yes, I’m ashamed. But I can’t agree with everything he said. “There is no certainty about what he said. Should we take everything literally? No, ”pleads her lawyer, Me Anne Paccard.

Twelve years of criminal imprisonment required

The accused sometimes looks elsewhere, staring into space. Taking what seems like an infinite amount of time before answering questions, when he doesn’t answer from the side. Left to annoy the audience a little.
“The only one who didn’t understand that she wasn’t agreeing was him,” observes Marlène Roch, who requests twelve years of criminal prison. “The facts are materially acquired, but doing justice is not bringing consolation to the victim,” Paccard retorts.

prize Trial for the rape of a young woman in Clermont-Ferrand: “For him I was just an easy prey”

When the debates were closed, Philippe Sow was in turn pressed by Me Portejoie, the plaintiff, and by his lawyer, Me Paccard. “What was this non-consensual relationship to you? “, The latter asks. And the word to let go. At the end. Even if she says it in words … “A rape. “

A brief mention of a confession … Maybe a little too late. Probably not entirely hypothesized. The court found Philippe Sow guilty and sentenced him to ten years in prison.

The accused takes over the management of the prison. The victim resumes the course of his life. And everyone will try to forget these images. As far as possible.

Julien Moreau

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