The old man is banned from his niece’s marriage after his children find out that he works as a janitor

A loving grandfather was expelled from his granddaughter’s marriage after his children found out he works as a janitor. But they got the surprise of a lifetime when the bride chose her grandfather above all else on that special day.

Edward was thrilled that his niece Cynthia was finally getting married. He had always wanted to attend the event and give his niece a unique gift that would last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Edward had just enough to get by. He paid the rent and also had expensive drugs that he had to spend money on.

Giving Cynthia an expensive gift was non-negotiable for him, so he decided to find a job. The only place he agrees to take it at his age is a concierge service at a local park.

At first, Edward wasn’t very keen on the idea, but his determination to give his niece a gift was stronger than his hesitation.

Exactly six months before the wedding, he started working, which gave him enough time to save up for his gift and some money in the process as well. He works every afternoon and comes home every night thinking about what he could give to his beloved granddaughter.

Edward didn’t want to give her just any gift, but something of great value that she could keep with her and pass on to her own children. After reflecting, he remembers that Cynthia, as a child, had loved his late wife’s necklace, which her eldest daughter had inherited.

Unfortunately, that necklace was an heirloom that he was sure Cynthia’s aunt wouldn’t give on her behalf. Instead, he decided to buy her a jewel that could also become a family heirloom in the future.

Meryl, Edward’s eldest daughter, inherited her mother’s diamond necklace. | Source: Pexel

Edward decided to visit a jewelry store to see what he could buy once he had the money. He thought it would be easier for him to work if he had a specific goal to motivate him.

He calculated that he would earn $ 15 an hour by working 7 hours a day, four times a week. That would give her $ 10,080 before her granddaughter gets married in six months.

At a jewelry store, she spotted a magnificent set of diamonds including a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. It caught his attention of him because it looked like what his wife was wearing. The ornament cost $ 5,000 and he was glad his salary allowed him to pay it.

When he worked in the park, he often went to the jewelry store to see his target. He was very excited because he knew Cynthia would love him.

Edward searched a jewelry store to find a gift for Cynthia. | Source: Pexel

After four months, Edward had enough money to pay for the jewelry set. However, he has decided to terminate his six-month contract to have more money to spend on his medicines and other bills to pay. He chose not to purchase the ornament until the last minute so that he could truly savor the fruits of his labor.

Just two weeks before the wedding, Edward was sweeping the park floor when his eldest daughter, Meryl, walked past him and saw him. At first he thought he had imagined it, but he walked over and saw that it was his father himself sweeping the floor.

His face flushed with embarrassment and he couldn’t believe he’d decided to work as a janitor. He thought he dishonored their family. He told Sharon, Cynthia’s mother, what she had seen, and they shared the same feelings.

Together, they assume that many people have already seen their father in his new job. They find her job shameful, especially as Cynthia is about to marry a wealthy family man.

Sharon and Meryl thought being a janitor was embarrassing. | Source: Pexel

Edward had no idea that his children felt it for him and continued to rejoice in Cynthia’s marriage. On the last day of his job, he took his hard-earned cash and headed to the jewelry store.

She bought the jewelry set and a nice box because she really wanted to please her niece the next day. He couldn’t sleep well that night, imagining how happy his granddaughter would be with her gift.

The next day, Edward donned an old suit and tie he wore to work during his years of business. He made sure his hair was neatly parted to the side and his shoes were clean and shiny. It was his granddaughter’s big day and he couldn’t wait to see the smile on his face when he handed him the gift.

Box in hand, he left for the church with a big smile. Unfortunately, she had a disappointing surprise.

“You can’t be here, Dad,” his daughter, Sharon, told him outside the church.

“Why not? My niece invited me. What’s going on?” he asked her, suddenly feeling heartbroken.

“Dad, how did you manage to work as a caretaker in the last couple of months? Can you imagine how many people have seen you? The people here must not know that Cynthia’s grandfather is a caretaker at a local park. This will embarrass all of us family! ” Sharon answered.

Edward was heartbroken that his children were embarrassed by him. | Source: Pexel

Edward couldn’t help but cry when he heard it. He would never have believed his children would turn their backs on him for a job, especially without knowing why he had accepted it.

“Do you at least know why I took this job?” she asked calmly.

Sharon shook her head. “I have no interest in knowing why Dad. Please leave before other people see you,” she said sternly.

Defeated, Edward simply handed her the gift box and left. He cried as he headed to the bus stop because he couldn’t believe that his own children could exclude him from his granddaughter’s marriage. He thought Cynthia knew this too, and the thought of her made him feel even worse, because it was for her that he had accepted this job in the first place.

When she got home, she took off her dress and sat quietly on the sofa. He had been waiting for this day for months and it broke his heart not to be able to attend his granddaughter’s special day. He kept crying until he heard the doorbell.

Wiping away her tears, she headed for the door. She opened it reluctantly, to see Cynthia and her boyfriend. “Not no !” Cinzia shouted. “How could you not be at my wedding?” she said, running up to him to kiss him.

“Cynthia, dear, why are you here? You have to attend a ceremony. Don’t worry about your old grandfather. I’m fine,” she said, still running her nose after crying for the past two minutes.

Cynthia didn’t want to get married without her grandfather by her side. | Source: Pexel

“I looked for you in the crowd, but you weren’t there. I confronted Mom about it, but she lied and said you weren’t feeling well. She handed me the gift you gave me, and I was amazed.” Grandpa, you must have worked so hard to give it to me, “Cynthia explained.

“While I was looking at the jewelry, Mom blurted out that you were working as a janitor and dishonoring our family. I was so mad at her, Grandpa. You could never dishonor the family. In fact, this family would never be here without you. ! ” Cynthia said holding Edward’s hand.

Edward couldn’t help but cry again, but this time Cynthia comforted him. “Grandpa, I realized Mom and Aunt Meryl were selfish and elitist. I told them I wouldn’t have the ceremony until you were there, and here we are. Grandpa, I love you and I’m proud of you and everything I have. made in life. “

Jackson, Cynthia’s fiancé, helped Edward dress up for their wedding. Once they were done, they went back together to the church, where Edward accompanied Cynthia down the aisle with her father. She proudly wore the jewelry Edward had given her.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Blue-collar jobs shouldn’t be despised. Edward worked hard to earn the money he spent on Cynthia’s gift. We shouldn’t despise people who have blue-collar jobs because they keep the company running and running. They put the missing pieces together and make sure everything goes smoothly in everyone’s daily life.
  • We must always respect our elders. Sharon and Meryl didn’t even try to talk to Edward about why he decided to take a cleaning job and only thought about the worst of him. They showed no respect for their father and didn’t care why he started working again.

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