The Wilds: Season 2 Review


- Date of transmission: 05/06/2022
- Dissemination platform: Amazon Prime
- Episodes: 2.01 2.08
- Director: Alison Maclean, Nima Nourizadeh, Ben C. Lucas, Aurora Guerrero, Ben Young
- Writer: Sarah Streicher, Melissa Blake, Franklin Hardy, Leon Chills, Amy B. Harris, A. Rey Pamatmat
- Interpreters: Rachel Griffiths, Sophia Ali, Sarah Pidgeon, Jenna Clause, Erana James, Helena Howard, Shannon Berry, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Joe Witkowski, David Sullivan, Troy Winbush, Zack Calderon, Aidan Laprete, Nicholas Coombe, Charles Alexander, Miles Gutierrez -Riley, Reed Shannon, Tanner Ray Rook and Alex Fitzalan


The first season of The savages it was a nice surprise that ended in a terrible cliffhanger. This suite truly lived up to any expectations we could have had.

In the eight hour-long episodes of this new season, we find the same principle as before. There is therefore an alternation between the present time and the survivors returning to what they experienced on the island. Thus we learn in the course of history what happened to the girls that we had previously discovered during the interrogations.

However, the work also alternates with young people who have suffered the same fate as the latter and who act as a control group. They too are questioned like them and we discover, through them, what happened on their own island. The flashbacks allow us to learn a little more about them before they board this plane that will have them stranded on an inhospitable coast.

The script by Sarah Streicher, Melissa Blake, Franklin Hardy, Leon Chills, Amy B. Harris and A. Rey Pamatmat therefore allows us not only to continue following those we had previously focused on, but also to discover eight new young people, the all while continuing to learn more about the experimentation of which they are the guinea pigs without their knowledge.

The production of Alison Maclean, Nima Nourizadeh, Ben C. Lucas, Aurora Guerrero and Ben Young alternates with great ease between past and present, girls and boys. We never have the impression of being lost, considering that the flashbacks are numerous and the passage from one of the characters to the other is very frequent. However, all these sequences, flawlessly integrated into the narrative framework, allow us to have a dynamic version of what we are told.

The interpretation is fantastic. Sarah Pidgeon is excellent in her youth, she doesn’t always have a good head. Erana James is very good as a girl, sometimes she has trouble dealing with her explosive nature. Jenna Clause is as touching as a woman who has to go against her animal friend nature. Mia Healey is flawless as a believing girl who decides to assume what she is. Shannon Berry is flawless as a resourceful girl. Reign Edwards is likeable as a top-level athlete. And Sophia Ali is very interesting as a fashion-loving girl who is discovering friendship. All the characters work flawlessly and form an amazing family where everyone has their place.

As for the boys, we can discover the touching Zack Calderon as a young Mexican studying in the United States. Charles Alexander is an excellent sportsman trying to take the lead. Alex Fitzalan is interesting as an ambiguous young man. Miles Gutierrez-Riley and Tanner Ray Rook are as friendly as inseparable best friends. Nicholas Coombe is as moving as a young man who wants friends. Aidan Laprete is just an introverted guy. Reed Shannon is sometimes as annoying as an immature young man.

As for the adults, we find Rachel Griffiths who is really great as a project manager and Troy Winbush and David Sullivan who are very good in the role of his unofficial assistants.

The filming location has changed between the two seasons, but we don’t see the difference when it comes to Young Girls Island. The bunker where the survivors are held, presumably for quarantine, is still impressive. While the island of the boys opens up before our eyes and seems a little less understanding than that of the girls.

The tension is once again very important in the episodes, as is the emotional aspect. It is difficult not to chain all the episodes at once, we so much want to find out what will happen to the different protagonists. It is therefore to be hoped that there is a third season that will come to complete the series, a particularly breathtaking new cliffhanger that awaits viewers at the end of the last episode.

The second season of The savages it is excellent and makes you spend some good moments of leisure in the company of these young people undergoing severe tests. With a story that gradually reveals all its complexity, an often very hard production and particularly convincing actors, we have a great time in the company of these strange castaways and the scientists who use them as guinea pigs.

Exciting and engaging.


A group of very different teenagers find themselves stranded on an island, unaware that they are actually the subject of a very elaborate social experiment …


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