30 Under 30 Europe Sport & Leisure | Kylian Mbappé, leader of a youth who can’t wait to make his dreams come true

30 Under 30 Europe | These athletes, professional players, entrepreneurs and developers are redefining the sports, video games and more broadly leisure sectors in Europe.

For many people, it sometimes takes a lifetime to make their dreams come true, but that’s not the case with the Paris Saint-Germain superstar, Kylian Mbappé. The Frenchman became one of the most successful footballers in the world at just 23, winning his second Ligue 1 Best Player trophy in 2021 after climbing the league’s top scorers for the third consecutive year. This success on the field also had repercussions on the export sector. Forbes believes the Bondy native is the fourth highest paid football player in the worldwon $ 15 million for year thanks to its sponsorship contracts. Last year he also published a graphic novel, My name is Kylianintended to encourage children to pursue their dreams.

Kylian Mbappé is part of the 2022 list of the 30 Under 30 Europe in the Sports & Leisure category. | Source: Getty Images

This is the reason Kylian Mbappé is in the list Forbes 2022 of 30 Under 30 Europe in the Sports and Leisure category. This year’s roster highlights athletes, gamers, entrepreneurs and developers who are redefining the future of their industry. To carry out this seventh European edition, the magazine Forbes relied on a jury made up of some of the most influential personalities in the world of sport and video games: Jonathan BarnettExecutive President of ICM Stellar Sports, Garbiñe Muguruzaold nOh 1 in the WTA ranking, Jay Ann Lopezfounder of Black Girl Gamers and advocate for diversity in video games, e Eefje “Sjokz” Depoorterepresenter of the European championship of League of Legends.

This year, from the height of its 19 years, Emma Raducanu is the youngest winner of the 30 Under 30 Europe ranking in the Sports & Leisure category. By winning the US Open in September 2021, she became the first player to win a Grand Slam tournament by qualifying, imposing her domination of her throughout the tournament: Emma Raducanu won ten games without losing a single set. Now thenOh 1 of British tennis has won several sponsorship deals with brands such as Nike, Dior and British Airways.

Always on the tennis courts, the Polish Iga Świątek (20) is also part of the 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Sports & Leisure category. Last April, she became the first Polish tennis player to take first place in the WTA rankings and the youngest to achieve this feat since 2010. Iga Świątek has won the 2020 edition of Roland-Garros and already has three consecutive tournament wins in the 2021 Out of court, she is an advocate for mental health protection, speaking openly about her struggles and donating to organizations in Poland.

On the F1 circuits, Charles Leclerc (24), Ferrari driver, crushes the competition. He currently leads the F1 drivers standings with 86 points, ahead of former champions Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. His salary in the Ferrari team would amount to 12 million dollars.

Business Strategist for a daytime recycled materials packaging company, Bella Collins, 29, set a world record in July 2021: with his team of four, he rowed from California to Hawaii in 35 days! Seven years earlier, she was part of the women’s team that rowed the fastest in the Atlantic Ocean.

The cross-country skier and visually impaired biathlete Dmytro Suiarko performed in a bold performance at the 2022 Paralympic Games in Beijing, while competing under the Ukrainian flag. A day before winning the bronze medal in a cross-country ski race (one of four medals the 25-year-old won at the Games), Dmytro Suiarko revealed that his home in Ukraine had been bombed.

Meanwhile, the world of video games, Michaela Lintrup continues to face new challenges. Having won several tournaments as a professional player of Counter-Strike: global offensivejoined the first all-female G2 Esports team valiant.

The famous juggler Luca Pferdmenges, who will soon turn 21, broke four world records last year, including becoming the first person to juggle 16 balls in a duet. In addition to leading the World Juggling Federation in Germany, she has taught children to juggle in Afghanistan and Uganda.

Ten years ago, at the age of 16, Lee McNeil founded Tebex, which monetizes game servers. This company has helped game creators earn more moneyhalf a billion dollars worldwide before being acquired by Overwolf.com for $ 29 million at the beginning of the year.

Among the other characters present in the 2022 list of the 30 Under 30 Europe in the Sport & Leisure category we also find:

  • Lawrence Okolie29-year-old WBO light heavyweight world champion who, five years ago, was making burgers at McDonald’s.
  • Arnau Vidal23, he co-founded the eSports company Team Heretics in 2016, together Jorge Orejudo Gonzalez (22 years old) eAntonio Catena Powerful (29 years old). Currently, the company generates $ 3.5 million in turnover and has more than 110 million followers on social networks.
  • Giorgina Felce28, co-founder and COO of Talewind, a development studio working in the metaverse of Roblox. Talewind company raised $ 4.2 million funds since its inception less than a year ago.


List the winners Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Sports & Leisure has been nominated from a wide range of nominees, found through a variety of sources, including an online application form, sponsorship of the list’s past winners, sports industry contacts and internal searches. The jury was made up of Jonathan Barnett, Garbiñe Muguruza, Jay-Ann Lopez and Eefje Depoortere.

Article translated by Forbes USA – Authors: Justin Birnbaum and Matt Craig

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