A request for donations to build an unprecedented service center in Peyrat-le-Château

05/05/2022 | A new type of service and training center in Peyrat-le-Château could open in 2023 in Haute-Vienne. Call for donations launched.

Led by a local child, a care and training center project is underway in Peyrat-le-Château, near Lake Vassivière. Ten health workers are involved in this adventure. But, in the face of the surge in the price of materials in recent months, the budget for the works has exploded by 300 thousand euros. They launched a crowdfunding call on the okpal platform to raise 50,000 euros, a plus to apply for a bank loan.

It is a local child, Antoine Lacouturière, who is at the origin of PLC Health, a treatment and training center that should open in 2023 in Peyrat-le-Château. The increase in the price of materials forced him to review the financing in order to apply for a loan. Originally from Augne, a neighboring town, he attended the Peyrat school before continuing his studies in Bordeaux and then in Biarritz to obtain degrees in osteopathy and sophrology.

In 2015 he returned to the country to settle in Peyrat-le-Château in the branch of the Eymoutiers health center. “Offering osteopathy and sophrology in the countryside in a city of less than a thousand inhabitants was ambitious, admits Antoine Lacouturière, but it went very well. I’ve seen 5,000 different patients in seven years. “ Some patients also come from far away, from Allier, Dordogne, Lot and Limoges. “When you feel good about a caregiver, people are ready to travel for treatment” observes Antonio.

Ten health workers are involved in this project

Ten health workers are involved in this project

“Such equipment does not exist in the countryside”

For three years he worked on this 430 m² treatment center project which will include six treatment rooms and a gym. It will be divided into two spaces, a medical center with nurses, physiotherapists, midwives (holidays) and a wellness care center with two osteopaths, a therapist in cognitive, behavioral and applied EMDR therapy, a sophrologist, a socio-esthetician and a specialist in shiatsu. The village pharmacist is also involved in the process.

Another asset, the future center will offer balneotherapy rehabilitation sessions in a 12 m² swimming pool heated to 35 degrees, unrivaled within an hour’s drive. “Such equipment does not exist in the countryside, I will also offer aquatic sophrology. Ten professionals are already engaged in this great adventure and we have a track to welcome a general practitioner “, specific. Training courses in osteopathy and sophrology will also be offered, as well as courses combining nature, sport and health.

“We hope to start working this summer”

His grant applications were all rejected. “We asked the municipality, the community of municipalities, the Millevaches Regional Natural Park, the Lac de Vassivière, the Department, the Region and Europe”, list“Unfortunately we did not receive any subsidies, we were told that it was a private facility. The inclusion of complementary approaches in the care of people with traditional medical practices poses a problem for the regional health agency. “

A balneotherapy pool for rehabilitation sessions in a rural settingA balneotherapy pool for rehabilitation sessions in a rural setting

The project, which cost one million euros, was self-financed a year ago, since then the situation has changed, forcing the team to launch a call for funding. “It took a year to get permission to build last January and today the material costs have increased, the project has risen to 1.3 million. If every patient donates 10 euros, we can do it, 5,450 euros have already been collected. “ This sum will be used as a contribution to the bank that will accompany them, negotiations in progress.

“Although this project is private, it has economic repercussions for the municipality, for tourism, with the people who come and consume locally. We have also chosen to solicit local companies for the construction of the center. We hope to start working this summer or shortly after for an opening in the second half of 2023 “. Fingers crossed…

To participate in the financing www.okpal.com/plc-sante-centre-de-soins-et-de-formations

Corinne Merigaud
By Corinne Merigaud

Photo credit: PLC status

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