An admirer of Emmanuel Macron, Luka, a 15-year-old Norman, wants to become President of the Republic

“It was a great, great moment. Incredible. “ At 15, Luka met the person he admires above all: the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. The scene took place in Le Havre, under the eyes of many journalists. The young man had his internship contacts at the town hall questioned to be in an ideal position, an hour before his arrival on Thursday 14 April 2022. And this was not lacking, acknowledging it, Édouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre, did a gesture to the president and they both approached Luka who could not hide his emotion and his tears, falling into the arms of the president.

Despite some teasing from his classmates who enjoyed asking him if Emmanuel Macron smelled good, for example, Lillebonnais have fond memories of this moment, “It is one of his first successes”.

What if the next President of the Republic lived in Lillebonne

A long-standing passion

Luka has long been attracted to the office of President of the Republic. “It all started when I was 5, when François Hollande was elected”, remembers the boy. During this presidential campaign in 2012, the parents recorded for the first time on video the son declaring his desire to become President of the Republic. “He made us laugh, remembers his mother. And since then, he hasn’t moved. “ Without discouraging him, his parents want him to have another job first. “An 18-year-old president has not yet been seen. We want him to have a diploma in his pocket, even if he is involved in politics at the same time ». explains his father. To which Luka replies without hesitation: “Don’t worry, I will. “ This Plan B will be a career in law.

“Curious about everything”, as described by his parents, the schoolboy is not shy and also already has a certain ease. While still a child, he had turned to the mayor of Lillebonne Philippe Leroux to ask him some questions and he had witnessed the counting together with his mother, on his list. In 2020 it was Édouard Philippe who wanted to ask for advice, approaching his teams with a letter. The mayor of Le Havre had agreed to answer his questions about his career and gave him his advice.

An internship with Édouard Philippe

Two years later, on the Transat Jacques-Vabre, Luka once again managed to capture his attention. The former premier recognizes him and takes his letter, which will allow him to do two observation internships during his 3rd year, one at the city hall of Le Havre, the other in a law firm. . Each time, the pros seem to have appreciated his curiosity. “He is not watching”, report his parents.

Emmanuel Macron in Le Havre on Thursday 14 April

As he had done for Édouard Philippe, the young man had prepared a letter asking for an interview with the president when he could meet him in Le Havre. Now he is awaiting a return from official services to make an appointment. For his part, he remains the goal of the college patent, not to be missed in order to show himself up to his ambitions.

Presidential 2022. Marine Le Pen on the rise in Lillebonne

“There are good ideas on the left and good ideas on the right,” says the teenager – Photo Louise Boutard / Paris-Normandie

“No political opinion”

If Luka does not hide his admiration for the President of the Republic, his parents insist: “He has no political views, he’s too young for that. It is above all the presidential function that interests Luka “, says his father. “There are good ideas on the left and good ideas on the right”, says the young man who then starts a debate on a possible coexistence while the legislative campaign begins.

The boy makes it clear that he disagrees with all of the president’s ideas. “He is the youngest president we have had”, underlines Luka himself, who appreciates Emmanuel Macron’s charisma and his appearance “accessible, despite its location”. On the day of the second round of the election, he was anxiously installed in front of the television “At 19:54”, even before his parents. She jumped for joy at the result. “Besides, it was my birthday,” he says.

The boy is very eager to vote too. Since 6 he has a cell phone and as soon as he wakes up he watches the news and, for example, has witnessed much of the debate between two shifts. In college, this hobby is not understood by most of his classmates. “They take me for an alien”, He believes. A phenomenon that grew after the media coverage of his meeting with the president.

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