Anthony Delon reveals his health problems, his father Alain Delon worried …

For 57 years, Anthony Delon lived in the shadow of his father. It was time for all of this to end. Thanks to his book, he is aiming for the I!

This call that changed everything for Anthony Delon

The cover of Anthony Delon’s book cannot leave anyone indifferent. In fact, this little boy seems to have all the weight of the world on his shoulders. And for good reason, when you are the child of such a seventh art star, it is not easy to find your place in the sun. Determined to settle scores with his parents by exorcising his pain, he doesn’t hesitate to go into details, even at the cost of offending the ego of this giant! Without further ado, Objeko tell you his reaction. Weakened by a stroke and the recent passing of his best enemy, Jean-Paul Belmondo, is now the time to rub the knife into the wound? On Michel Drucker’s red sofa we will learn some beautiful things!

This moment of sweetness is legendary

This video is less than a minute long. However, it turns the soul of Anthony Delon fans upside down. In the midst of nature, the father and son take advantage of the moment. Knowing that every minute counts, the first attempts to sum up the magical nature of this timeless moment. The smirk asks her state of mind. Responding with sparkling eyes, the one who seduced the most beautiful women in the world shows us that he is now at peace. Alas, that wasn’t always the case! Yet did it take so many decades for them to communicate? Such a waste!

For the uninitiated, the action takes place in Douchy. Located in the Loiret, Anthony Delon’s father’s nest has always helped him deal with hard blows. Whether it’s professional stress or personal torment, he feels safe as soon as he sets foot there. For the anecdote, it was the late actress Mireille Darc who was in charge of making the plans and decorating it.

Anthony Delon’s glitch that almost ruined everything

To promote his book, Anthony Delon doesn’t go with the back of the spoon. In the columns of The world, he declares astonished to reporters. ” I stopped being afraid of him at 17. So he writes at this time when everything has changed between the two men. “He was locked up in his Paris office and didn’t want to see me. One day, I went to face him. As in a horde, I was ready to measure myself with the dominant. He understood it. and preferred to take refuge. Objeko find crazy how the wind turns!

Questioned by Michel Drucker about the present, Anthony Delon doesn’t mince words. Certainly, in the pages of his book, you understand between the lines that his father almost never hears from him. However, things have changed. By some miracle, he has finally realized the worth of his he son. Addressing the guest, he declares himself amused ” Imagine that since the book came out, I had a little health problem, a kidney stone, well, he called me. You see... This is proof that you should never say fountain!

Recently, Anouchka gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Let’s hope this innocent little prince finally buryes the hatchet between these two males. Do not worry dear readerObjeko, it looks good enough to work in the long run. Continue in the next episode. So, see you soon for new adventures!

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