Arne Slot, the man who brought back attractive football to Feyenoord

We were talking about a transitional year when he landed in Kuip. But in a few months Arne Slot has managed to combine style and results to the delight of the fans of the Rotterdam club who dream of a European final this Thursday evening.

When Arne Slot was appointed head coach at Feyenoord last summer, most analysts and observers did not believe he could develop the attacking football he had established at AZ there.

When Arne Slot was appointed head coach at Feyenoord last summer, most analysts and observers did not believe he could develop the attacking football he had established at AZ there. The main strength of his new lineup lay in his ability to convert the few opportunities he created. The match was not exciting and Jaap Stam had disappointed results. The new master on the bench wanted to make a clean sweep of this past and establish an attacking and attractive game that corresponded to the expectations of the fans and the club. And the result on the field proves it. This Feyenoord, vintage 2021-22 has nothing to do with that of the previous season. The fact that he only had a month to change his players’ views didn’t seem to be a problem, Arne Slot believed. The first matches of the Conference League preliminaries will be played in July and then the tactical plan will be developed to be present during the important goals of the season. In order for his players to be in good shape in four weeks and to be able to train the structure of the game at the same time, the new manager and his physical trainer looked for methods that would allow to combine the two aspects in the belief that this approach also helped to prevent injuries. injuries, an aspect that had stagnated Feyenoord the previous season. During this financial year 2021-22, players no longer cluttered the infirmary as much. And certainly in comparison to those of Ajax or PSV. And this, despite a smaller nucleus than the other two formations of the Dutch top, Dick Advocaat’s tactical choices had aroused some discontent in Rotterdam. Sometimes he was totally surprised by the composition of the opposing team and week after week his team seemed to arrive on the pitch with no strategy in mind, from the first training session under the direction of the new T1 things were different. There was a clear tactical plan which was reflected in some combinations. Canopy Soccer During the prep camp, players were thrilled with this new approach, even though Slot didn’t think it would change much. “It is different in mentality. When you lose the ball, go back and win it back or when you actively put pressure on the ball as soon as it is in the feet of the opponents. This is nothing new for them, because last year the team regularly put pressure at the start of the game. I just try to convince them that this pressure has to be constant and not just during part of the game, “he explained to ESPN. Striker Bryan Linssen sums up his coach’s expectations in these words: “You have to give your all. Do what you have to do and don’t let go for a moment. Sometimes when you are under pressure and the opponent plays under that pressure, You have to react. Let it come a little or put more pressure. As long as you do it with all the intensity necessary. For him it is important. twelve goals in the Eredivisie and three in the Conference League. This tactical view also means that an opponent can make far fewer passes before Feyenoord field defensive measures. “Courage sometimes also comes with risks,” Arne Slot explained in an interview with De Stentor. “If you get passed too easily you create a problem for the other players. For example, I put pressure, but I am two meters from the opponent. Then he has all the time to pass the ball to the other side. Then we all have to run 80 meters. because I was missing the bite in that area of ​​the pitch. That’s why you have to put real pressure on the last two meters of pressing. The new Feyenoord is doing well this season. He reached the Conference League semi-finals and is third in the league, seven behind PSV, number two. In addition to these excellent results, the club is proud to have allowed the players to go international. For the technical director Frank Arnesen, whom we knew well from Anderlecht, it is important to exercise the option on the manager’s contract so that he is linked to Feyenoord until 2024. “Of course, we are happy with the performance of the first team under Arne’s leadership. leadership, “the Dane told Feyenoord’s website.” We are at least as happy with the development we are seeing in the group, both collectively and individually. It’s impossible to see these aspects aside from the way Arne got his team working in no time. More than half of our squad is once again made up of internationals, who not only promote the development of players and teams, but also create additional market value, “continues Arnesen. For the first time since 2014, the club spent the European winter and see the dream of a final practically come true. By keeping Arne Slot at Kuip, Feyenoord could pursue an ambitious long-term project, a bit like what Erik ten Hag was able to do at Ajax. It’s positive as the Rotterdam club manager is cited as one of the potential successors of the one joining Manchester United’s Theater of Dreams next July. And when we mention this rumor to Arne Slot, of course, the door doesn’t quite seem like it. closed.

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