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“Lord, I am here to entrust you with my day, to entrust you with my training session. I will never stop thanking you Lord. Thank you for your grace, thank you for everything you do for me. Make sure my session goes well. your holy name I prayed. Amen “, Flora-Ange said before starting her day.

It is in Abobo, in the Sogéphia district, that we find Ange Flora Asté. The young lady is tall and has a rather masculine style. You have decided to become a football manager. This morning she trains with her internship club.

“Today we are blue. So I wear the shoes that go with him. Like every Monday, eh, at Sol FC we have training uniforms and every day he has his uniform. So today it is the color blue” Here it is !!! Eeeehhh !! I forgot the whistle. I wear the watch. 7:14. That is fine”, explains Flora-Ange.

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Flora-Ange shares her passion with her family. Every day, before leaving the house, the young trainee asks for the blessing of her mother who is her first support.

” You give birth to a child, once he chooses what he wants to do, you have to be able to support him so he can move on. ”

A professional career

After her D license as a coach from the National Institute of Youth and Sports in Abidjan, Ange Fora first practiced taekwondo before becoming a footballer.

” I haven’t started hearing that footballer. First I was doing taekwondo. I have a black belt. And I was also in the national taekwondo team, vice champion of Africa. So this is how one day, I was running with my brothers in the Sogéphia field and an uncle approached me and said to me: ah daughter, you play well eh. Would you like to try some somewhere? I told him yes dad. This is how he took me by the hand of Mr. Kouassi François, the former Juventus FC president in Yopougon. That’s how this gentleman sent me to his club. And in the first game at the same time I liked me. So I stayed at Juventus until today. the young lady tells us.

For some time Flora-Ange has been carrying out an internship at Sol FC d’Abobo, an Ivorian club in league 1, to validate her master’s degree in sport, football option.

For her training, Ange Flora’s team gathers almost every day at the sports complex in the country located just minutes from her home.

Flora-Ange is the only woman in the group, but despite the criticism, the young woman rushes straight to her goals.

” Where should men be if there are women, I think there is always controversy. And it wasn’t easy until I was in the selection and they saw me on television, they started to understand and believe it was serious. But there is always bad language somewhere. Not everyone can love you. There are always critics. Nice style. You can play soccer and then dress up as a woman. Why do we dress up as boys? That is fine!!! In sports you have to be mental. So, since I know what I want, I know my goals, so I don’t think these criticisms affect me. … .Hummm here we are at the Abobo sports complex. ”

A coach for a men’s team

The formation of which Flora-Ange is a part does not have a women’s team for the moment. For this the trainee directs men with whom she feels good.

” Last year I did my internship at Juventus but I wanted to know more and see how things are going with the men. It’s the same thing, being able to try to tell the difference. It is in this sense that I came. But it must be said that with men it goes faster, it is more dynamic, it is faster, it is instantaneous.

For the moment Flora-Ange is the only women’s football manager in the Ivory Coast.

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Firmin Koffi is the supervisor of Ange Flora and coach of Sol FC d’Abobo. He is proud to welcome the young intern on his staff to him.

” I found someone who is cute. Something that automatically wants to learn, truly know the environment. Someone who likes it. Here I find out, he is assiduous. She is listening. When she doesn’t understand something, she asks. Here you are ! I don’t mind her staying with me. Often it is the men who are welcomed here. Today she is a lady who is with me, it is a real honor for me to welcome her “.

Fora-Ange tells us how she got to this club and the atmosphere that reigns between her and the guys on the team.

“All the coaches, all the players have adopted me. And when I’m not there, people will call me. Hello coach where are you? Honestly, it goes straight to my heart.

This coaching coach’s dream is to win trophies for her country as a team manager. Flora-Ange follows in the footsteps of Clémentine Touré, the current coach of the Ivory Coast women’s football team. Her determination will undoubtedly lead her to success.

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