“I surprised my mother while she was having sex with my husband”, the shocking confidences of this Togolese make an uproar

A Togolese woman identified as Maya shared her heartwarming story on social media. She told how her husband cheated on her with her mother.

Below are all its secrets.

“I am a 31-year-old nurse. A fighter and an independent woman. Actually my name is Maya. I am a Togolese. While I was in first class, I fell in love with a classmate who flirted with me! At that time I believed in sincere love. And I thought Clement felt the same about me. It was actually my first love and, as you know, right now the girls are still naive and believe all the good talk. I was that kind of girl. Beautiful, smart, but my only fault was my naivety. I let Clement take my virginity. Gradually, our relationship became much more sexual than sentimental. I didn’t see it coming until the month I saw my period and the nausea just started! It was my mother who noticed it first. I was pregnant! When I announced it to Clément, he initially took on the role of manager. But when we finished composing the exam, it leaked. Since he had only come for his studies. I regretted this relationship and why I loved it! But I kept the baby! I gave birth to a beautiful baby! Which I called Jorge.

It is true that I fell right now, but it motivated me. I’ve never given a man even a second to flirt with me since that event! I was stubborn to succeed without the help of a man! And I didn’t even want a man to slow me down on this quest. I passed my baccalaureate two years later! I went to college for three years. God thanks Jhe managed to get healthy all of a sudden! So I only had my son Jorge and my mother under my responsibility. Mother’s name is … Also, his name doesn’t matter. If I say mine mom you understand no! However, she is the only person who remains dearest to me with my son.

My father he died soon! When I was just a kid. I was raised by my mother! Despite the age of mine mom her always looks so young, from what she normally keeps her girlish body. I was saying that I had become the kind of woman we call a fighter and an independent woman. I didn’t need a man to cover my expenses. it was enough for me. And I’ve already had a child. What could I still envy. Nothing at all, my life was enough for me. I actually printed my life well. An early evening home from work! I got home, found my mother at home. (Myself It’s mine mother us does not live in the same house).

My mother rarely came to my house, because we talked a lot more on the phone even though we were always in the same city. My mother is a blunt type. He doesn’t go around in circles when he wants to tell you something. For her he is headed like soldiers between the legs of a woman.

My mother : my girlfriend ! How old are you today?

Myself : 31 year old mom?

My mother : my daughter, can’t you see that you are getting old? You need to think about getting married as soon as possible! Now you you are not a child like you once were to be fooled by a play boy ! I want my daughter grandchildren! I want grandchildren with a responsible dad! Not the cowardly type! Knowing my mom, when she decides to talk to you about a topic like this, it’s because she thought it was really important! I didn’t mean the opposite.

My mother : my girl you seeYou! A woman’s body does not go backwards. And if you play, you will be abandoned like Afghanistan! Everyone knows you, everyone knows where you live, but no one will dare to set foot in your house. Hurry up and find a husband! By the way, you need to stop wearing yours kaba strange there. You are not old, but you let yourself be like this also why? As he advised me, I met a man a week later.

Don’t worry, I didn’t need to go to Benin! In fact, she is a radio reporter. Era encounter a morning of sport. And things went so fast between us! We really enjoyed it. And everything was going just as well between him and my son! His name is Fabrice! 36 years old. Shiny black complexion! He asked me to marry and I accepted! My mom was super happy for me, because I was getting married soon. Everything is gone past as expected. I got married to Fabrice! So, I left the house I was supposed to live in, to my husband’s house, and my mother went back to my old house. The one he lived in was rented! We spent a year of marriage. A year of true love and ephoria. The following year I received a promotion in my job and became the head of the center. Fabrice went every weekend to visit my mother with my son! One shotit was the perfect family. Until one day, when I went on a week-long trip, my son went on vacation to one of his uncles.

I didn’t tell my husband that I was on my way home, because I wanted to surprise him. And take the opportunity to tell him I was pregnant! Alas! When I opened the living room! My husband was completely naked. And it pushed my mom into a position we never did together! I wasn’t dreaming, it was beautiful and beautiful for my mother, who had her two legs open in the air and my husband was giving them thrusts like two teenagers who have just broken their nubility. Worst part of it all, my mom was screaming:Oh Yup child. To move on. I love it when it’s violent! You go you improved child ! Oh yes, go ahead! You have really evolved ”.

I realized they had been doing it together for a long time! Oh yes. My husband was cheating on me with my mother! My mother of blood ! Not another, the one who gave birth to me ”.

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