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Julie Doiron and Dany Placard have been touring for years and each lead a prolific and fiercely independent career. Like Julie and Dany, they have created the most understanding and tender love album ever. The meeting with a couple as complicit as they are complementary.

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Josee Lapointe

Josee Lapointe
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Julie and Dany have given us an appointment at the LaTraque studio in Montreal, where they are rehearsing for the release of their album. “This is the first time we play these songs again! Julie Doiron exclaims.

These songs were composed in fifteen days of confinement, at the very beginning of the pandemic. It was May 2020, in the house that the couple had just bought in New Brunswick, where they both found themselves alone in extremis. They tell about their daily life, with its moments of tenderness, boredom or release, sometimes simply voice-guitar, sometimes in a much more distorted way, but always in a gentle atmosphere of voluntary freedom and simplicity.

“We wrote them in our kitchen,” Julie says. “Basically, it took 10 days,” explains Dany. At the time, the idea was to get bored and not make an album out of it, even if they were already playing with a duo project.


Dany Placard and Julie Doiron

Not what we would have imagined for the first Julie & Dany album. But it’s fun to bring it out like that.

Julie Doiron

The two musicians were already collaborating: Dany plays bass on Julie’s latest album and often accompanies her on stage. The duo allowed them to get out of their comfort zone, both in the composition, in the themes addressed and in the language: there are as many songs in French as in English. But it’s not about abandoning their respective careers.

“It’s extremely important to be independent, not to give up,” says Julie, who we knew as a member of Eric’s Trip duo and who has a brilliant solo career on the independent folk scene. Herself with Dany Placard, free spirit with a psychedelic country-rock trend. “If Julie goes on tour, will I be alone at home feeling depressed? No. I’m going to register Placard by myself on my side. ”

But what is the advantage of working in pairs? “Since we don’t stay in the same province, it gives us more opportunities to see each other,” says Julie. Danny nods. “For a year, we rarely see each other when it’s not for work. With the timetables, the children, the ten hour drive between the two … “” This is the main advantage! ”

There is also the pleasure of making harmonies together, of showing off new guitar chords, of simply creating.

“Making music is quite an intimate act,” says Julie. It’s impossible to make good music if you don’t have a connection with musicians. As a couple, we can be even more intimate, so that’s another plus. We rarely disagree. ”

fans of the other

When asked “what do you like most about the other as an artist”, Julie and Dany take the time to answer. Dany finally starts. “I think Julie’s lyrics are really great. ” ” Thank you very much ! I also like your texts, your images. This sentence in Thaw : “I’m afraid the jelly will take and the stars will collide.” Is cute ! But we are both fans of each other. I find it difficult to choose one thing in particular. ”

Appreciate his attitude when composing and his taste for exploration. He admires her creativity and his ideas. They like to say that they are complementary musically, but also in rhythm: it is as organized and prepared as it is often ” everywhere And “go around in circles” (it is she who says it!).

“I think we learn from each other, analyzes Dany. I learn to be patient, her, to be structured. ”

But beyond their differences and what connects them, it’s the obvious joy of being together that emerges from these 11 songs. Can we say they made a love album? “Yeah, really,” Julie replies. I hope there will be no divorce records! ”

They laugh out loud. However, they could never have imagined writing songs about making a garden or the first shared coffee at the Jean-Talon market, about love from a distance, but also about the fact that there is no more Cheez Whiz in the fridge, as in the song. mayonnaise.

Giulia laughs. “Besides, it wasn’t Cheez Whiz, it was Boivin! “Yes, Petit Crémeux is really better.” “But he didn’t rhyme!” ”

Listening to the album again reminds them of the pandemic, the radio playing all the time, the daily press briefings. But also the house “not yet full of supplies”, the “break” of being together, their good humor despite everything. Result: an album created in confinement that is not a confinement album. “I think we have succeeded in this bet,” says Dany.

“I hope people hear it,” Julie says. But the ideal will be to make fun shows. They also have many shows scheduled, which will allow Julie to shoot in Quebec for a rare time, and Dany, Canada, for the first time.

“I want people to enjoy listening to it,” says Dany. He let them smile, let them want to put it back on and turn up the sound, let them come and see us perform. We did it for this, to generate emotions. Make people dance in the kitchen … and make people cry. ”

Giulia and Danny


Giulia and Danny

Julie Doiron and Dany Placard

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