Lucé joins Champhol at Prénat

At the end of a breathtaking suspense and an incredible combination of circumstances, the Amicale de Lucé won their ascent to the Prenational last Sunday. A membership expected for 24 years and acquired thanks to the great success against neighboring Barjouville (78-63), but above all to the surprising defeat of the ADA reserve Blois, 7th in the standings, Montargis (85-72).

A surprise climb but not so much, as Anne Boureaud, the coach of a friend who took over five years ago, tells us. “It’s a well-deserved climb given our comparisons with the top four and contenders at the Prénationale. We are the only ones, with Champhol (note: leader who ends with two defeats), to count two defeats in the Top 4 (note: Blois 3 defeats and Déols-Etrechet 5 defeats, see table opposite) * … “

“Coming out of two empty years with the pandemic, we didn’t really know where we were going. And the beginning was also laborious …”

Anne Boureaud (coach of Amicale de Lucé)

At the start of the championship, nothing predicted a similar result for Amicale de Lucé, who had lost five players in the low season, who, after three days, had already lost two and who, on Matchday 4, lost their true leader . , Alexis Haie, victim of an Achilles tendon rupture. “If at the beginning of the season all the players believed in the rise, after having lived through two in a row **. Personally, Anne Boureaud continues, I had never announced it. After two empty years with the pandemic, we didn’t really know where we were going. And the beginning was, after all, tiring … “

prize With Moatassim Rhennam on the bench of C’Chartres BM, a new era will begin

Fourteen rank results

But, after a streak of 14 consecutive victories, the Amicale really believed in its star. Co-leader with Champhol five days from the end, with a victory in front of ADA Blois and Déols-Etrechet, the Amicale would finally lose the thread by lining up three defeats. It wouldn’t be the only one. Blois bowed twice as Déols allegedly missed his last four fights. On a par with the Blésois, but with an unfavorable point average, Lucé no longer believed in it before the last round. Finally, the ADA Blois, reserve of the ProB that had announced its rise, has cracked at the worst moment, thus making the great happiness of Anne Boureaud’s protégés.

Membership of Amicale de Lucé:
Julien Guillaume (post 1), Alexis Haie (post 1), Shekinah Bompoko-Balombe (post 1, U20), Simon Berrou (post 2), Antoine Juignet (post 2), Jules Babonneau (post 3), Marc Lepagnot (post 3), Jérémy Girard (post 3-4), Mahamadou Samoura (post 4), Clément Baruzier (cap., Post 5), Abdou Kapela (post 5), Ousmane Thiam (post 5).
Trainer: Anne Boureaud assisted by Aurore Meslin (physiotherapist).

* Regional ranking 2. 1. Champhol 42 points; Amicale Luce 39 pts; ADA Blois (2) 38 points; 4. Deols-Etrechet 37 pt; 5. Barjouville (2) 34 points …
** The Amicale de Lucé is in its third consecutive membership after moving up to R3 in 2018 and R2 in 2019 (the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons have been declared white due to Covid-19).

3 but not 4.
The only Eurelian representative in the Pre-National team this season, the Basket Club de la Vallée d’Avre has only spent one season at this level. Noni after Sunday’s defeat to the Orléans leader (60-82), the Tangos of Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre and Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets return to R2 despite an honorable record of 8 wins and 14 losses.

Jean-André Prevost

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