Right to abortion | California steps up to protect women

(Los Angeles) To protect tooth and nail the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and welcome all women who do not have access to it in their state: California played the general mobilization on Tuesday after the revelation of a draft of Supreme Court decision on returning to this milestone.

Posted 3 May

Laurent Baguet
French media agency

“Our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will not be silenced,” tweeted California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. “The world is about to feel their fury. California will not stand by and watch. We will fight like the devils, ”he promised, shortly after the publication of the document by the Politico website on Monday evening.

In the process, the governor and the leaders of the parliament of the most populous and richest American state announced “an amendment to enshrine the right of choice in the Constitution of our state”.

“We know we cannot trust the Supreme Court to protect reproductive rights, so California will build a firewall around this right in our Constitution,” they write.

Certainly this amendment, which should be put to the vote during the mid-term elections next November, will essentially have a symbolic meaning, multiple laws that already guarantee the right to abortion on Californian soil.

But that’s exactly the purpose of this announcement: to let all women residing in states know they would rush to limit or even ban abortion that California, a Democratic stronghold, will continue to welcome them.

“We will not abandon women and families affected by the regressive and irresponsible policies of other states,” Acting California Senate President Toni Atkins promised at a news conference Tuesday, pledging to this. “California continues to be a beacon of hope” for them.

One in four women

According to the Guttmacher Institute, if the Supreme Court decides within a few weeks to revoke the “Roe v. Wade “of 1973 (according to which the American Constitution guarantees the right of women to abort as long as the fetus is not” viable “), 26 American states would decide” surely or probably “to ban abortion on their territory.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health concludes that nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion before age 45.

“It won’t stop suddenly because extremist politicians have issued bans, this need will remain!” Thundered Jodi Hicks, president of the Planned Parenthood organization in California, which administers about half of the 165 abortion centers in this state.

“It’s about people’s dignity, health and their future trajectory,” she insists, citing the case of poor and vulnerable young women who will be forced to travel out of state to have an abortion. .

“We know that this type of ban disproportionately affects low-income people, people of color […] We also know that people who want to have an abortion and are rejected are four times more likely than others to end up in poverty ”, for not being able to take advantage of study or work opportunities, adds Mrs.myself Hick.

Planned Parenthood says it has treated at least 80 out-of-state patients each month in California since last September, when Texas tightened abortion requirements drastically.

Its branch in Mar Monte, which covers Northern California and neighboring Nevada, is preparing to welcome between 250 and 500 more patients per week if “Roe v. Wade ”is broken.

A new abortion center will be opened in Reno, near the airport and other transportation hubs, to facilitate the arrival of women from other states, Planned Parenthood says on its website.

California, which had stood out for its fierce opposition to former President Donald Trump’s ultraconservative policy, had already adopted legislation in 2014 that required employers and private insurance companies to include reimbursement for abortions in their health coverage.

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