Sarah Dessen’s bestseller reappears before appearing on Netflix

Anne-So “Echos de Mots”, young literary blogger and collaborator of the reading group 20 minutes Books, I recommend On the way to the future by Sarah Dessen, published on May 5, 2022 by Éditions Lumen.

His favorite quote:

I didn’t know Eli at all. It didn’t stop me from noticing that the hieroglyphs next to him were a real joke. I never knew if he was joking or if he was serious. Is that what bothered me the most … or did he intrigue me? Maybe both.

Why this book?

  • Because on the occasion of the release of the best-seller adaptation by Sarah Dessen on Netflix (May 6), reissue of Lumen editions On the way to the future. This contemporary young adult takes up the same ingredients that have made the author successful: transition to adulthood, introspection, family difficulties, friendship and love.
  • Because here we meet Auden when he’s just finished his senior year. For his last summer before college, he decides, on a whim, to go to his father, his new wife and their baby boy. Although her talkative and superficial stepmother annoys her in advance of her, Auden would like to put some distance between her and her mother: a brilliant university professor and researcher, a specialist in women in literature. At times condescending and painful, she puts a lot of pressure on her daughter that she feels she never had a childhood.
  • Because this summer in Colby is an opportunity to live differently even though, says his mother, people never change. Unfortunately, when she arrives, Auden is very soon disappointed by the attitude of her father who puts the writing of her novel before his daughters and his wife. Sleepless from her parents’ separation, she Auden will wander the streets of Colby at night until she meets another person unable to wink: Eli.
  • Since Auden spent her school striving for excellence, the nose dived into the books, and did not go through most of the experiments that are customary to experience in adolescence. She especially he has not had the opportunity to meet many people and his social skills are to be reviewed. Auden, who loves brevity and is easily exasperated by everyone, will have to learn to marry her stepmother and a group of Colby teenagers, even if it’s the last thing she wants. Full of prejudice, she may still be surprised by those around her.
  • Because Sarah Dessen dissects again – and always brilliantly – adolescence and the transition to adulthood. Her novels for young adults always turn pages full of sweetness and often smell wonderfully of first love, holidays and sunshine. On the road to the future is no exception to the rule with interesting and well-constructed characters, simple but devilishly effective plots and a pen full of emotions that knows how to make us go from laughter to tears.

The essential in 2 minutes

The plot. Auden leaves to spend the summer with her father in the small seaside town of Colby. A brilliant student and a perfect girl, the heroine now has only one desire: to have peace. If things go wrong when she arrives, she meets someone who could help her live a normal adolescence.

Characters. Auden is an intelligent young woman who spent her high school years immersed in her books instead of trying to build a social life. Eli is a calm and caring young man whose life has been turned upside down by a tragic accident.

Places. The novel takes place in the small seaside town of Colby and more specifically between the heroine’s father’s house where a child’s cries ring out day and night, Auden’s stepmother’s clothing store and the streets of Colby in the heart of the night.

The weather. The story unfolds over the course of a summer full of twists and turns that will change our heroine.

The author. Sarah Dessen is the author of novels for young adults published in more than thirty countries. She was born in Illinois in 1970, she holds a BA in English and a BA in Arts. She in particular she wrote the excellent Once and For All we were talking about some time ago.

This book was read with pleasure of Anne-So Echos de Mots, blogger specializing in literature for children and adolescents. “For me, reading can be as much a personal pleasure to take refuge as an excuse to discuss and meet other readers. I am a lover of words always interested in new discoveries. “

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