This bride asked Zac Posen for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired dress for her wedding in her parents’ garden

Max Winklerbest friend of Samantha Resslerand his sister Zoethey were queuing to get their Covid vaccine when they met by chance Jason Borg. Zoe she had been to the University of Wisconsin with him in 2002. “I don’t even know if they had seen or talked to each other since then, but they started chatting and she immediately thought it was great,” he recalls. Samantha Ressler. “Jason had apparently just moved to Los Angeles that afternoon.” While they were chatting, Zoe wrote Samantha Ressler to ask her if she could arrange a meeting between her and Jason Borg. “I told him no, remembers Sam. He still gave him my number and that night he called me.” It was January 2021, thirteen months later they were married.

Happy place for a wedding

The day of their engagement, Samantha Ressler, actress, producer but also founder of the theater company and production company We The Women, she remembers very well that she wore sports clothes and socks with sandals. “I arrived an hour late because I ran into a friend when I stopped for coffee and I didn’t see the time go by while we chatted,” she recalls. Jason Borg proposed to the bride and groom’s home, which has always been the “happy place” of Samantha Ressler. “He went to the flower market in town and filled our house with flowers, and I can’t even remember the rest as I was in shock and couldn’t stop crying.” They called their families on FaceTime, then Jason Borg announced a Samantha Ressler that they would pass by his parents to toast this great news before going to enjoy a romantic romantic dinner. “When I arrived, Jason’s parents and all of our siblings were there from Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Florida and North Carolina. I have three brothers and he two, and they’re our best friends, and I’ve cried uncontrollably, he says Samantha Ressler. It was magical. “

Three months later…

The wedding was scheduled for February 19, 2022 and everything was organized in just twelve weeks. “We didn’t want a long engagement and I knew I wanted to get married at my parents’ house,” she explains Samantha Ressler. My sister got married there in September 2020 and we both worked with the event organizer Mark Seed. With him everything was easy, pleasant and fluid. He is simply a genius, giving off a very relaxing energy. And panic is absolutely not in his nature. He manages to solve all problems and always manages to put things in perspective. He is fully aware that all of this should be a celebration of love and an enjoyable experience to plan. “

Find the right idea

Samantha Ressler he had never imagined what his marriage would be like. “In their speeches, my parents both said that I had sworn that I would never get married, and my mother added that she had no memory of seeing me dress up as a bride. But I’ve always had very specific tastes and I’ve never had a problem making decisions. So when it came time to get married, I knew exactly what I wanted. And since organizing events is an integral part of my work with We The Women, it’s something I love to do too. Mark is so creative, it was a real pleasure to come up with ideas together and the way he brought my vision to life was beyond my expectations. “

Due to the pandemic, Samantha Ressler And Jason Borg she chose to organize a wedding in a small committee and asked all the guests to be vaccinated and to take a screening test before the ceremony. “We were also aware that there was always a risk, explains Sam. He didn’t stay for the ceremony.”

The inspiration for the dress dates back to … 1956

As for her dress, Samantha Ressler he had a clear vision from the start. “Zac Posen he is one of my best friends and I had the incredible chance that he made my wedding dress, he says. He is as thoughtful as he is talented, and I don’t even know where to start explaining all the time, energy, detail and love he put into creating this dress. “After the engagement, she introduced herself. Zac Posen the dress thatAudrey Hepburn bring inside War and peace (1956). “It wasn’t a wedding dress, but it was exactly the silhouette and style I wanted,” she says. Zac Posen knew immediately that it was a creation of Fernanda Gattinoni and he knew absolutely everything about it, it’s totally him. The next day, he made a sketch inspired by this model and replaced the cap sleeves with two capes and a detachable train. He chose and positioned the embroidery like a magician. The whole experience was unforgettable and I feel extremely lucky.

Jason Borg he was wearing a suit Tom FordAnd Samantha Ressler on the day of their wedding they had given him, in addition to their respective fathers and brothers, engraved twins. Mara Rossik she took care of the hairstyle Samantha Ressler and integrated a superb beaded headband to match her dress’s embroidery, e Pati Dubroff did the trick.

There was also vintage

There was no procession, but their family members walked down the aisle with their spouses. Zac Posen created the dresses of the two sisters of Samantha Ressler, perfectly suited to their different personalities and styles. The mother of the bride wore a vintage dress Giacomo Galano unearthed a Happy islandsa famous vintage boutique in Los Angeles

Samantha Ressler joined the altar to the sound of an instrumental version of Get happy / Happy days are here again from Judy Garland And Barbra Streisand. “I’m a fanatic of the theater, of these two artists and of this song, and I didn’t have to think twice to choose it,” he says. Samantha Ressler. Jason Borg arrived on Go to California of Led Zeppelin because he moved to California to be with me ”.

This is Max Winklerbest friend of Samantha Ressler, who married the couple. “I have no words to describe how I felt when my best friend married me to my best friend, says the bride. But I’ve never felt so understood and loved in my entire life, and I’ve laughed and cried throughout the ceremony. She wrote her speech about her, and it was wonderful, funny and moving, and it was possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Throughout the ceremony we felt at home. Literally and metaphorically, as we were at my parents’ house, surrounded by everyone we love. We felt immense gratitude and profound joy. Jason has a silly tattoo that says “It’s good to be home”, and when asked why he did it, he doesn’t really have an answer … and it has become the theme of our love, our marriage and our love. Max’s speech. “

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed Negroni and sushi masa. “The aperitifs and cocktails were a hit, and once everyone was full and drunk, we moved into the greenhouse that Mark had built in my parents’ garden. There were five long tables, each in a different color scheme, and covered with tablecloths Lisa Cortiaccurate Samantha Ressler. I hung one of his tapestries above our bed and I knew from the start that I wanted to use his beautiful decorations. “

many emotions)

Once in the greenhouse, we immediately started dancing, then everyone sat down for the talks. “Our parents and siblings gave very moving speeches and I cried again,” she says Samantha Ressler. I was having so much fun that I forgot to change. At ten to twelve, I went to put on my evening dress and we cut the cake after midnight.

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After the band’s music, DJ Allie Teilz took over. Then, around two in the morning, the party continued in what is usually the father’s office Samantha Ressler. “We covered the walls in silver polyester and hung disco balls everywhere and danced until 5am,” she recalls. My husband is addicted to burgers and had arranged a burger delivery from Heavy hand for the after party Despite the amount of delicious dishes of all kinds, that evening I ate absolutely nothing. After the after party, we were the last ones standing with our siblings, and we all went upstairs to make ourselves some melted cheese sandwiches while my parents slept. He reminded me of when, as teenagers, we sneaked into the house after sneaking out. It was a magical moment. “

Translation by Lyse Leroy

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