Wild children, a creation by Cédric Orain, to be discovered, on Thursday 5 May, on the stage of La Maison in Nevers

In writing this show, Cédric Orain, author and director, wanted to dwell on the “extraordinary reality of these children? We don’t understand how they managed to survive”. These children, with an extraordinary destiny, are Victor de l’Aveyron and Kaspar Hauser, two wild children, who lived in the forest in the 19th century. “It’s a whole perception of the body and the perception of growing that is upset.

How did you prepare this text?

I mix the two children Victor and Kaspar Hauser. I saw François Truffaut’s film, true to Victor’s true story. I discovered the work of a historian, who looked a lot at Kaspar’s case. The wild child I composed lived in a forest. He has a bit of the same past as Victor, but the way he comes into society is more Kaspar. I made a hybrid baby but I didn’t invent anything.

It is neither a happy ending nor a tragic ending.

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What difficulties did you encounter?

The story had already been told and what was difficult was how to tell it ?? How to represent the child? We work with an acrobat who is not a child. Have I done several auditions ?; him, it was obvious. There is a depiction of the wild child. The hardest part was writing the ending. I wanted to keep a possible hope that these children could get out of it. It is neither a happy ending nor a tragic ending. What was also difficult was writing the show, creating it and having to stop it due to the covid. This year we went back to the theater and reconnected with the audience. We had missed it.

What message do you want to convey?

At some point, Victor had the opportunity to return to the forest. He has decided to return. He made the discovery of the other. This relationship with others makes him want to learn. It is even more touching for us who do theater. This relationship with the other is what constitutes all our action. I, I want to share.

She is 8 years old … How do children react?

They recognize themselves in the difficulties or dreams of these children. What he likes is that Victor is faced with rules. This relationship with the rules speaks to them a lot. They understand very well the importance of rules but between understanding them and having to live with them, they are sometimes fed up with them.

Can we say that we are all wild children?

Yes, if we tell ourselves that what is wild has a connection with an order that we have struggled to support. We all said no. We all got angry. We may still want to do that. I thought a lot about children when I wrote this show, but also about adults. It’s all public.

Show: Thursday 5 May, 8 pm at La Maison (two school plays tomorrow). Information: maisonculture.fr

Interview by Gwénola Champalaune

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