10 restaurants to take the kids to

There are the well-kept secrets, the obligatory stops and those that are worth the detour. There are above all essential elements of all kinds that are good to share. For the pleasure of your palates, The duty then imagined an appointment in the form of a gourmet notebook, one theme at a time. This time, let’s payThere are restaurants where adults like to sit and that welcome children without saying a word! Addresses that do not have a special menu for children, which are not pizzerias or snack bars and where everyone can find something to taste? It is absolutely possible! Here are ten to keep in your pocket.



Martin Juneau’s restaurant combines everything most parents are looking for: a menu that is both imaginative and homely, a great drinking menu – with a specialty of natural wines – all accompanied by pairing service. The little ones, open to discovery or not, find what their palate pleases. En combinant des entrées, comme une salade de betteraves et des arancinis, ou en partageant avec un adulte une valeur sûre comme les plats de pâtes, de volille ou de poisson, les clients ont de quoi se sustenter jusqu’aux douceurs que rappellent les desserts home. Fascinating !

Viale San Lorenzo 6389

the Espresso

The institution on rue Saint-Denis is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat with the family or in a group. Its accessible menu – in every sense – offers a panoply of great classics at affordable prices. What do we eat there? Its flank steak continues to make its reputation, as do its fish chowder and veal kidneys with mustard. His Japanese coleslaw is worth the detour and the kids will be blown away by their croque-monsieur. The atmosphere is warm, the drink menu is comprehensive, the glass roof is charming, as are the maple profiteroles. And what really tickles the child in each of us is the large jar of pickles we immerse ourselves in without restraint!

3927 St. Denis Street


The newest addition to the Joe Beef family, the McKiernan has many benefits for families. As soon as you enter, you are seduced by the space that is bright and large enough to allow you to move between the tables and even stretch out a bit. The menu is full of numerous proposals to satisfy small and large appetites, in the midday or evening version. Salads, muffulettes, chicken nuggets, spare ribs, homemade pasta, giant meatballs, famous homemade donuts: just choose the dishes you want to share. For the rest, we savor cuisine made with good ingredients and delicious drinking possibilities. Friendly and smiling service, just like the place.

5524 Saint-Patrick Street, room 200

Terrible children

It’s not just the name of this brasserie that evokes childhood, the menu too! Of mac and cheese gratin, shepherd’s pie, mini pogos and hamburgers, followed by burrata and pan-fried salmon. In short, it is diverse and perfectly heterogeneous: like any family, what! Special mention to the brunch menu, a great topic for idleness. A perfect destination for a simple snack. Note: the view from the terrace of the Place Ville Marie branch is worth the trip; also the fascinating din of Outremont.

Seven addresses, of which the first in 1257, avenue Bernard


Unmissable for brunch, but above all for the excellent service with children. The proof: we offer them fruit to keep them waiting, and we serve them first. Cheer! That said, the menu with Mexican flavors alone is a good reason to come here. Big crush on thehiding place : puff pastry cheese, garnished with a fried egg, poblano pepper cream, guacamole and sauteed mushrooms. The niños they were more than focused on their plate of pancakes with almonds, bananas, strawberries and dulce de leche. The only flaw: the bathroom is small. But a sunken bench is there for quick diaper changes. Nothing to refuse to go, but an informed parent is worth two!

Via Atateken 1481


The fox and the owl

Do you want to have an aperitif with the children? The fox and the owl could be your lair! Recently moved to more spacious premises, the bar has taken the opportunity to redefine itself and offers something to eat spontaneously at any time of the day. There are lots of snacks, such as the famous black pudding, acras, olives and rillettes. New: the flambées tartes (including the traditional one with onion, bacon flakes, fromage blanc, crème fraîche and egg), which steal the show. Additionally, owners Thania Goyette and Louis Bouchard Trudeau now produce their own strains, yoghurt and danette; they also make a pickled cheese. Enough to create the desire to accompany it with a glass of white – and to stay there for a few moments.

638 Saint-Vallier Street West

The gourmet

Going to Fin Gourmet is like visiting a family member: the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is generous and authentic. All thanks to the enthusiasm of the owners, Marina Bhérer and her daughter Elsa. The slate, on her part, is punctuated with Quebec products cooked as tapas brimming with sunshine and freshness. Here, sharing is child’s play and perfect for kids! A great place to indulge yourself with others and discover many imported wines. Also available: three-course lunch menu, from Tuesday to Friday.

774, rue Raoul-Jobin


In this warm early spring, why not combine a trip to the garden center with a restaurant meal? At least it’s a possible combination if you plan to eat at Les botanistes, located right at Floralies Jouvence, in the Cap-Rouge sector. The magnificent restaurant run by chef Emeline Péro offers a complete change of scenery, an ode to local products and the freshness of the garden, and pure fun! Opt for the lunch or brunch menu with minis – you’ll find flavors that will appeal to the whole family and a healthy dose of expertly crafted vitamins. As a bonus? A box of delicious macaroons with fruity and chocolaty amalgamations for the way home.

2010, Jules Verne avenue

The meze

Nothing like Greek cuisine to suit all family tastes! Andreas Papadeas’s travels through Mediterranean aromas and delights the taste buds with, among other things, his popular Greek salad, his feta and chilli mousse, his Cornish hen with lemon and oregano, as well as his peerless feta fried with honey and sesame. Let’s put everything in the center of the table and take it with joy! Little ones can also have fun with coloring books, a very nice touch!

95 Sainte-Foy Road



An essential address in Sherbrooke since 2008, the Auguste restaurant is also the exception proving the rule, offering a short menu for children. However, even without these proposals, the menu has everything to please the little ones. The upside-down poutine morsels – a local classic -, fried duck ravioli or beef pappardelle, for example, can be safely shared between young and old. And for the adults, the oysters in the aperitif or the risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil add to the friendly atmosphere of the place. No wonder that the place refers to a certain Agostino, the owner’s grandmother, Anik Beaudoin, who had 12 children!

82 Wellington Street North, in Sherbrooke

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