5 must-have fashion pieces for stylish girls’ wardrobes

The year has definitely started with the return of several vintage pieces that we are updating. From fashion to hairstyles to interior design … many elements are making a comeback. Ditto for the spring 2022 fashion trend which offers some retro pieces to be adopted with your eyes closed. But what to wear this spring just to show style? Focus on the 5 trends collected during the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week that we will see everywhere!

Spring 2022 fashion trend: the 5 key elements that will underpin the style of trendy girls

After the big comeback of double denim during Paris fashion week, a few more retro pieces made their big comeback in spring and it’s hard enough not to succumb to them. What exactly is it? What are the other spring 2022 fashion news to remember. Our editors tell you everything! Follow us.

The pleated skirt is THE essential piece of spring 2022 trends

spring 2022 trend women's fashion garments how to wear the pleated skirt

Pleated skirts have been back on the fashion scene for a few years now and it seems like fashionistas always wear them. A classic but always trendy garment, worn with style and suitable for almost any occasion. The first question that probably comes to your mind is how to wear the pleated skirt? In this area, nothing complicated. To be combined with a white shirt, your favorite T-Shirt, a lace top, a blazer, a denim or leather jacket. The possible combinations are literally endless.

fashion trends spring 2022 stylish girls like to wear the pleated skirt

On the shoe side, the pleated skirt is a fairly versatile spring-summer fashion item that allows combinations with flat or high-heeled sandals, stilettos, ankle boots and even with sneakers. These guarantee you a casual chic outfit that will turn heads on the street. For an even more trendy look, don’t hesitate to opt for a pair of trendy 2022 sneakers that will make this spring-summer.

The miniskirt: the spring-summer 2022 fashion item we love

fashion trend women spring 2022 top fashion mini skirt 5 pieces Miu Miu

Mini or rather micro skirt !? Do you remember the flagship piece by Miu Miu that stole the show during Paris fashion week? So the show unveiled the miniskirt that will dominate the girls’ dressing rooms this spring-summer 2022. Must-have of the season, she is making a strong comeback in our wardrobes and can be worn as she is or accessorized with a belt. Here, any daring in terms of combinations is allowed, the important thing is to make our style shine.

The white dress for business women

fashion spring 2022 woman 50 years 60 years white dress trend

Forget pajamas and teleworking! Make your big homecoming to the office, dressed in a gorgeous white dress just off the fashion week runway. A classic, immaculate and minimalist outfit, this very chic suit can be paired with several trendy and colorful garments that smell good on sunny days. Our editors recommend keeping your look clean and choosing a piece that stands out. How about colored stilettos, for example?

Hipster jeans and pants

2022 spring trend fashion pieces to adopt the hipster jeans pants

Flagship clothing of the 2000s, hipster are claiming their rights to become a spring 2022 fashion piece for women to have in their wardrobe. Whether it’s a chino model that is worn with a belt and under the hips for an outfit work clothing or jeans that reveal playful patterned underpants. However, the low rise trend isn’t limited to just these two pieces. On the contrary, it also concerns skirts, shorts and even jogging.

To give you a perfect outfit in this spring 2022 women’s fashion trend, consider pairing your pants or jeans with a cropped top that shows off as much belly as possible.

Large bags

fashion spring 2022 woman 60 years XXL bag trend

The mini handbag trend is over! This spring-summer 2022 we say goodbye to XXL accessories and adopt large bags. Great news for those of you with lots of essentials that are hard to fit into micro bags. The summer it accessory is available in a wide range of models, colors and patterns to meet the style of every trendy girl.

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