a candidate and her footballer are expecting a second child, surprise!

Love is in the meadow it does not show up anymore. The program has been on M6 for years. More precisely since 2005, which is 17 years old! It is needless to say that by virtue of the success of the show, it does not risk leaving the schedule. Love is in the meadow it’s so popular that it’s not just the contestants from the new seasons that thrill audiences. True fans are equally thrilled when they hear the news about the show’s previous faces. But today, Objeko brings you the news of Emeric, nurseryman and beekeeper, who participated in the program in 2018. Because he found love again. But also news of one of his suitors, not to mention his ex, Lucie. Because she too has found love. Plus, she became a mom too and will soon be for the second time!

Love is in the meadow fascinates the public

This probably hadn’t escaped fans of Love is in the meadow. In fact, not everyone is waiting to find love seen from the lawn on M6 for news of former program candidates. They can also do research on social networks to find information about these endearing characters. As for Emeric, it was then on February 14 that she announced that she had found love again. After breaking up with Lucie, his suitor who nevertheless appeared on his arm during the 2018 season results, the farmer is left alone. It was therefore on Valentine’s Day that he announced the news to his subscribers, in a long message posted on Instagram.

“Today in this Valentine’s Day I wish a happy day to all lovers, it is an important day for me because I finally think that I will never spend this Valentine’s Day alone … In fact for two months I have fallen in love with it !! of happiness every day that passes, when it is not there I miss it there is like a void but we find ourselves very quickly sharing beautiful moments with two and even with three … “, had written. And Objeko don’t hide that fans of Love is in the meadow he had every reason to capsize.

“Thank you so much for everything you bring me every day that passes by your side. My life was already beautiful it is even more magnificent, I honestly no longer thought of finding a person like you who would make me believe that love at first sight was still possible, that loving and giving love was really beautiful, in receiving even more Magic. So yes I found love. I LOVE YOU Anne-Lise @annelise_gauffny all my life, until infinity plus 10,000.concluded Emeric, surely driving fans of Love is in the meadow introducing them to Anne-Lise.

And you will see that they are not the only ones swimming in happiness. In fact, even Lucie, Emeric’s former suitor Love is in the meadowfound love.

A couple expecting their second child

Not only did Lucie recover from the breakup with this candidate Love is in the meadow and found love again, she also started a family. In fact, it was a few months after the M6 ​​program aired that Lucie met Jérôme Prior. Professional footballer, FC Cartagena goalkeeper, this young man seems madly in love with his team-mate. And especially in papa gaga. Since January 2020, the couple have welcomed a little girl named Swann to expand the family.

But it’s this little Swann, who has grown up, who seemed to be talking on his dad’s Instagram account. He announced, through a publication of several adorable photos, that he would have a little brother. “Hi, I have a little brother.”we could read on the Instagram account of Jérôme Prior.

However, if fans of love is in pre I love this kind of adorable staging, which nobody doubts about Objeko that it is not a child under the age of three who expresses herself this way on the Web. Of course, it was Swann’s parents who were delighted to share the great news with Internet users. Unfortunately, we won’t have any further details at the moment. All we can say is that the pregnancy is in the 4th or 5th month. Because before, it is impossible to know if we are expecting a boy or a girl.

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