Abortion, here and there!

A few years ago, during a press conference, a reporter asked former Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, what he thought of abortion. The latter stopped, then began his answer by saying, “I’m Catholic!” I stared in amazement at my television screen; the blue in Harper’s eyes quickly faded to propel me into the dusty gray of a working-class neighborhood in Algiers. A relative had just told me what happened to a couple trying to abort a malformed fetus.

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In his car, Amir does not hear the horns and the din of the working-class neighborhood he is trying to cross to reach the cemetery. His haggard look on him is sad. In the back seat of his vehicle, a white veil covers the little body of the eight-month-old stillborn baby. Eight frightening months of “struggle” to force his wife to abort a malformed fetus that nearly took her better half away in the worst conditions. An experience that is told like a horror film in a country where abortion is synonymous with capital sin! His wife, Zeina, was still in intensive care, between life and death.

The problems of this young newlywed couple started with the first ultrasound. The three-month fetus was malformed and the doctor’s recommendation was unequivocal: an urgent abortion was needed. In a Muslim country, abortion is not only prohibited, it is taboo and most gynecologists refuse to practice it.

Everyone is afraid of going to hell, even those who took the Hippocratic Oath.

Before thinking about it, the man and the woman had to think seriously about it, because the fear of going to hell had been running around in their heads for a long time. Then there was the family, everyone got involved, each with their own interpretation of religion, of the punishment that God reserves for such a “crime”. Following, there was the opinion of the imam of the neighborhood, including that of the great mosque. “God works miracles”, he will say to himself; “God knows what he is doing by creating a malformed fetus,” the other will say. When Zeina’s stomach pains became insurmountable, she was already five months pregnant, the couple realized the facts and started turning to gynecologists to have her aborted. They quickly realized that even with the support of medical documents, gynecologists also do not want to go to hell.

The couple, Zeina and Amir, even thought about going to Tunisia, the neighboring country where abortion became legal long before France thanks to the hard work of Tunisian feminists, with the help of their progressive former president Bourguiba. But even there, resources were needed and then convincing the whole family was not easy … the fetus had already died in Ziena’s womb, who spent the whole pregnancy lying down and suffering.

I don’t even tell you about what girls who get pregnant out of wedlock and who try to have abortions suffer in these countries where religion and patriarchy have come together to seize women’s bodies and their reputation. There remain the old violent methods of coat hangers and chemicals which, according to feminist organizations, destroy girls’ organs … if they don’t kill them. Anonymous abortion butchers in Muslim countries equal butchers in white countries like Poland.

Today leaks the information that the Supreme Court of the United States is about to overturn the sentence roe deer v. wadethe historic 1973 decision that the right to abortion is protected by the United States Constitution makes me realize that religious conservatives are the same all over the world.

Whether they wear a beard or a jacket and tie, like the members of the Supreme Court of the United States, they have the same goals and the same obsession: to want to control women’s bodies at all costs.

In the United States, conservatives are playing their part to unlock the struggles of progressives and prepare tomorrow’s “immaculate” America. At their head, former President Donald Trump, who has done everything to put the most radical judges on the US Supreme Court. They have even been able to attract women, products of the evangelical Christian legal movement who adhere to their ideology, such as Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

This law professor, mother of seven who has also found a way to adopt others and who prides herself on keeping the house very clean. You can almost picture her advertising a brand of laundry detergent, the dream of the perfect conservative wife. It was this judge who succeeded Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the great feminist judge who has fought to correct most misogynistic laws in the United States since 1960. Judge Ginsburg must turn in his grave at the threat of his replacement who wants to destroy everything he fought for.

You guessed it, Amy Coney Barrett is against abortion. You just said: “Less abortion is more adoption” …

Soon, the ordeal of Ziena and Amir (fictional names) will also be a reality in the United States, as is the case in Honduras, the Philippines, Poland and many other countries. The revolution is not only feminist, it is the revolution of all the progressives of the world. It is a perpetual battle against patriarchy, reinforced by the rise of religion which today finds the perversity of wanting to question our most fundamental rights.

In the land of the cowboys, the absurd does not kill, just as it does not kill where I come from!

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